Nick Saban tests positive for COVID-19 again


It's not a happy Thanksgiving cc to the saving and family right now. Couple days before the Iron Bowl and Bam coverted positive this time. It's not a false positive. Nick Saban test positive for Cove in 19. When I saw this news I'm going. You got to be kidding me. Iron Bowl Week. And this is this is not a false positive. This is a positive test. By all reports he will miss the Iron Bowl against the Auburn Tigers, where Against coach Miles on since Mount coach Malzahn was hired as a head coach for the Auburn Tigers. Alabama, four winds miles on three wins. This has been a tightly contested or robbery between these two head coaches and one of them. Coach is the number one team in the country right now, and he will not be on the sidelines when you saw this news, Courtney your reaction, Woz. Here we go again, Uh, that Georgia game. You know, it felt like every 15 minutes. We're breaking in on SportsCenter. With updates about is Nick Saban's test positive. Is it negative? I mean, we kept going and going with it. And now that you find out this man actually does have symptoms. I know. He said that he has a runny nose, and it's nothing like super catastrophic and he was a little horse in his press conference, but He is one of many college football coaches, um, including several in the S E. C. N o Dan Mullen had it who now have the Corona virus and are now dealing with this And you know, my thought is This couldn't have happened at least to any other program that has more reinforcements in place to prevent against things going awry before a massive Massive game Cozy, you know is doing everything in the right was sure. Absolutely. I mean, that's once again. We can't villainize there vilify people forget in the prone A virus at this point next day, been said it that panties like I go home. I go to work. I don't know how I got it and You know that program. Um, given who's next in line and who's going to be taking over with, you know Nick Saban watching the all 22 during the game. I know that he can't have some magical headset to put all of the conspiracy theories out there. He's not watching the game and calling the place. It's not like Hugh Freeze in the hospital bed calling place of Liberty. It's that level three wishes probably could. He will have a really at halftime. I mean, he will be on the phone with coaches trust me, no doubt at halftime, but Your point. He did speak today after being diagnosed positive with the coronavirus. Here's a head coach of the number one team in the country next saving on the just on a couple days right now the IV but a couple days before the Iron Bowl, his head coach of Alabama Was informed this morning that I had tested positive. It was a PCR test, which was different than you know, the false positive I had before. I don't really have any cardinal signs of the virus Right now. I don't have a fever, No loss of taste of snow, no fatigue, no muscle aches. I informed the team this morning at 10 on the zoom call on and I'm up. I'm the only person in the whole organization who tested positive on this, You know around. So you know the Alban Games, obviously the most important game and We hate it that this situation occurred. But as I said, many times before, you gotta be able to deal with disruptions and this year and our players have been pretty sure about doing that. Well, we just want to carry on the best we can.

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