A Mothers Controversial Confession


Twenty five seasons four thousand five hundred sixty one episodes. I believe the oprah winfrey show was one of the greatest classrooms in the world. A rolling their bottom at the moments. The breakthroughs connections the occasional. Ugly cry so carefully missing. Every single minute l. o. Ell's the moments that matter. I o blue light lessons. Never allow them to take you somewhere else. I'm bringing them back. It's time to open the ball. I've personally chosen these classic episodes to share with you again. Every single person you ever will meet shares that common desire. They want to know. Do you see me. do you hear me. That's what i say mean anything to you. You're listening to the oprah winfrey. Show the podcast. I want you to brace yourselves. Because you're about to hear one mothers really controversial confession. She revealed it in a very provocative new york times article and in it she boldly proclaimed. I love my husband. More than i love my children. I yell at waldman. A mother of four also says her children are not the center of her universe and that is the key reason she says she and her husband have a very passionate sex life. She is a mother who says she loves her husband more than her kids and she is swinging from the chandeliers boy. Did she strike a nerve. How do you measure your passion for your children and your husband. I think this is a woman who clearly did not want to have children. And i think that she's doing a disservice to her children to her husband and two herself and especially the family unit as a whole. I thought that her point of view was sort of silly. You can't actually the type of law that exists between two grown adults and that bond between mother and child the way she puts her husband on a pedestal. It's dangerous because she loses him her whole world from what she said. It might say hurtful to our kids someday and she shouldn't have had children how she fill about having kids. I think i l. It's Has an obsessive relationship with her husband. I think i l really needs to reclaim a sense of south. I questioned i yell. It's security in her marriage. I thought i l article was goofy. My children are. I my husband and i come second. It makes me think you know what are her. Children chopped liver go okay. So i'm here with a group of mothers who have a lot to say about this. The woman who sparked controversy. I yell at walmart is here. I yell at is a harvard trained lawyer. Turn stay at home. Mother turned writer. Who has been married to pulitzer prize winning author michael shape on for twelve years and they have four children. So let me Read the passage. That has everybody up in arms. She says i have four children. But i'm not in love with any of them. I am in love with my husband if a good mother is one who loves her child more than anyone else in the world then. I'm not a good mother. I am in fact a bad mother. I love my husband more than my children. I yell it. You knew that you were going out on a limb did not want it. Well i did. I didn't quite know that star jones is gonna take off after me on the view. I didn't know i'd be sitting here next to you. I didn't know that i'd be facing down a group of angry mothers. But i did. You know i had been experiencing this again and again. Mom's groups i i. I'm like a lot of you. I spent a long time just to stay at home. Mom now. I work part time but i have four kids. I spend most of my day with my children. And i have felt for a long time very different. The most of the moms. Start the article talking about your mommy group and you noticed in the conversation. All the mother's talking about they're not having sex. Yeah absolutely i. The the interesting thing was i was talking to a mom and he was telling me about how she was trying to have a second kid. But it wasn't going very well. And i said you should try one of those electronic fertility monitors. Because they tell you when you ovulate like right that day and a great then. I won't have to have all that unnecessary sex. There's a reason that everyone is so angry. This is striking a chord. This is a real issue. Okay tear brown. Why do you say i yell at is doing a disservice to her family. Why well believe that children are such a gift. And i think that there is a healthy balance that can be formed with the family. Not necessarily putting one above the other per se. I think that's a really good point. And i think so. Many women today have become so focused on their children. They've developed these romantic entanglements with their children's lives and the husbands are secondary. They're left out and the romantic focus is on the children. I mean you guys know. Valentine's day at your kids schools. What happens on valentine's day. All the moms come in with you know. Perfect frosted pink cupcakes that they've made with their kids. What's valentine's day is valentine's day to make cupcakes with your children. Know valdez. Supposed to be a day about romantic love. I know you guys probably don't believe me. But i love my children as much any of you. Love your children but my husband is the focus of my romantic devotion and he is the one i am in love with. He is the one. I feel ardor for. He is the one who quickens my heart. Kelly you say. You had a lightbulb moment kelly. I just realized. I've given all my energy and passion and love into my little girl and i don't think that's wrong but the article made me see that. I need to give some of that to my husband to you. Know he needs me as well. And i just felt that i needed to find a little bit better balance. Because he's been put on the back burner and you don't want to all of a sudden discover that you don't have anything in combat anymore with to talk to a yell at also write very candidly about her sex life. She says i'm the only woman in mommy and me. Who seems to be getting any. I have to say. You're the only woman i have ever heard. Say this because i know i talked to women living and all i ever hear is how women are sick of having sex. They still love their husbands. But they're sick of having sex with their husbands. And everybody's lewd road. It's everybody still tied in. Been much damage is who tired and Love my husband. But i could care less by text again. Okay who is this who did have sex who watches.

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