U.N. chief calls on humanity to end 'war on nature'

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Is urging world leaders to make curbing climate change a priority in two thousand twenty one. The un secretary general gave a speech at columbia university there. Antonio guiterrez blamed climate change for making what he called apocalyptic fires and floods cyclones and hurricanes. The new normal he said quote humanity is waging war on nature. The un leader says a big part of the problem is countries are not living up to the promises they made in the twentieth. Fifteen paris agreement a new u. n. Report backs this up. Two countries were supposed to pump out less fossil fuels like oil gas and coal but the report says instead countries are on track to produce two percent more by twenty thirty so bottom line. The world is still far from meeting the goals set in that agreement. Keep in mind. The trump administration officially withdrew the us from the paris agreement last month but president elect joe biden has promised to rejoin as soon as he takes office to be continued.

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