HomePod Mini Begins Arriving to Customers

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Of sen pro online when you visit. Pb dot com slash talking so the last big new tech product of the year is set for release this league. It's called the apple podcast meany. It doesn't sound as good as the new google nest speaker or even the fourth generation amazon echo. But you know what it doesn't matter because the speaker is small it's cute it's inexpensive and it's way more useful way more useful than the google nest. Let me tell you about it. I'm jefferson graham. You're listening to talking tech. So here's what you need to know. The mini is way smaller in size than both the new echo and google nest audio and while it doesn't sound as great as either them. It is way smaller after all again. People aren't gonna care how about adding a new homepod mini with that new iphone. What do you say so this is a really useful speaker for anyone living in the apple ecosystem and it makes the siri personal assistant way more competitive with alexa and the google assistant most importantly you don't have to worry about apple's speaker. Spying on you as apple has different privacy policy than google and amazon. The company is not in the business of selling personalized ads. So it's less likely to be recording you in storing the audio on its servers which is something that as you know. Google and amazon both do apple. I entered the smart speaker market in two thousand eighteen with the original homepod. It was priced at a hefty. Three hundred forty nine dollars which meant that. Most people ignored it. It sounded great but nobody cared because it did very little. And it was dwarfed by sales of the echo and what was called the google home now called nest audio with like under a one percent market share but three things that you can do with the new homepod mini that. I think you'll really like number one dictate text messages to send a contacts now. Both amazon speakers and google speakers can't do that. Can you believe it. If you lose your iphone which is not an uncommon problem. The homepod will send a tone to the phone. That won't stop until you find it. The best feature of the mall ditch the tv soundbar by two homepod. Minis connect them to your tb via the apple. Tv streaming box for tv sounded great for music as a replacement to the other speakers. Not discreet but as a tv speaker cliff not be happier. Apples advantage. Is that through apple. Tv you get access to a wider array of streaming services than with amazon amazon. Doesn't offer hbo max. Amazon doesn't peacock and because tv sound is so tinian nature having the audio by the side of the bed to listen instead of having the sound. Come from the other side of the room from the soundbar. Tease or tv speaker is a really nice home theater. Like addition and it's a no brainer. I listened to snakes. Hiss in the old raiders of the lost ark movie. That frankly just wouldn't hurt if it was going through those little speakers now caveats many of the mini music features touted on. Apple's website will require a ten dollar monthly subscription apple music. So asking siri to play drake playlist or great songs from the nineties. Won't get you very far unless you do. Subscribe beyond apple music. The mini plays music from pandora iheartradio in tune in radio missing spotify youtube music amazon music in many others. So which one to buy the homepod the echo or the nest it depends on which ecosystem you feel. Comfortable in the nest to myers is the best sounding of the three. But as good as that is. Do you wanna google device in your home listening to and recording your conversations. Now google amazon says it only does this when it. Here's the wake word but any conversation. That casually mentioned google or alexa can be recorded stored in mind. If you don't subscribe to apple music you're going to be comfortable with the smart speaker. That's optimized for that service. Are you willing to switch them. Spotify are you in amazon home. Like i am with amazon fire. Tv streaming perhaps a fire tv edition television where everything is about that a word in that case. You'd probably want the new

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