Anxiety High For Philadelphia Business Owners With New COVID-19 Restrictions Coming Monday


The city is reporting 680 new covert cases today and across Pennsylvania. Health officials confirmed another daily record. 5500 new cases came out of you. Charlotte Reese has more on how this is worrying the city's business owners. New coronavirus restrictions could mean less hours for small businesses, restaurants and more. Erica Turn, Ellie Burnett, owner of Center City Soft Pretzel Company in South Philadelphia, tells NBC 10 her business is down 80% this year. Forcing her to turn to fund raising efforts were proud people and almost 40 years we've never asked for help from anyone. It was a lot. It took a lot to hit that button to say Please help. Cause we needed. Health Commissioner Dr Tom Farley says People should start thinking and acting like they did in March and April. The first thing people should do is fear of the virus. The virus is searching right now the case counsel higher than we've ever had by a long shot. Farley urges people to wear masks even during small gatherings, and he says extended family should stay home for Thanksgiving dinner. We need to take very strong steps now. So we don't overwhelm our hospital, so they're there. If you get the infection, City officials have not said what the new restrictions will entail. Charlotte Reese, Ky. W news

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