Philly Businesses Brace for Tighter Coronavirus Restrictions


This weekend coordinate their covert 19 battle plans. This after Keystone and Garden State's hit records single day counts for new cases of the virus. Okay, White over the you Charlotte, Reese reports, The rise in cases will likely result in new restrictions in the city of Philadelphia come Monday, business owners are on edge, waiting to know what exactly the new restrictions will be in Philadelphia officials say it's necessary to help stop the spread. This weekend, however, Revolution fitness factory held classes as usual, but co owner Ari Do Rania's tells NBC 10. They fear how long that will last. We're not these gyms where people are all on top of each other. We're not these big corporations that have money to back us up. If this happens, the emergency meeting between governors is said to be about comparing notes on mitigation efforts. New York and New Jersey have already implemented some new restrictions. Gordon Dead Linger, the national director of independent businesses tells NBC 10 collaboration is good, but every state is different. We really need our public officials to consider the economics as well as the health issues, City Health Commissioner Dr Tom Farley says. Due to the rise in cases people should get into the mindset as if it was March or April again. Charlotte Reese, Ky. W News Radio Montgomery County Public and private schools will go

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