Interview With Wanuri Kahiu

The Trip


Why is that such common question. What is that breakfast question. i would have for breakfast. Had part ahead Sarah millet porridge with spice were Cattleman cinnamon brown sugar and Yeah and but the. The partridge flowers made from millet mood for millet. Which gives it and then they and then they sour it somehow so it's like sour millet porridge and then i like to put coconut milk and spice in that sounds like porridge is usually this just bland. That's what it's supposed to be. Sounds like you're going to opposite direction. Gosh no. I discovered porridge of been discovering parche. All my life. I think it's a process of continual rediscovery honestly like my grandmother's purchase. The best part in the whole world was a best best best best best partridge and then i lived in mombasa for awhile in the night i tasted the part in mombasa and that was the best and i started feeling guilty about liking another party. More than my grandmother's really. Did you have a chance. you're still with us. I'm sorry you can even taste it. You couldn't even get her on board. You can do and also a little bit like mombasa. You're still living out in mombasa or you're you're here full-time based was what was that dalliance with the coast. I've always wanted to live at the coast. Feel like the coast is just a super magical wonderful. Can't i can't even explain mombasa's just it's beautiful. It's one of my. It's like going to the coast dismal. The ken coast is my happy place. All is has been in the indian ocean and the beaches and the coast on on the south coast of the northern. The most beautiful beaches anywhere. I've ever seen Right let's go. Yeah we're gonna so we have mambas where it's at. This deanne is where. It's at. So i just i try and spend as much time as possible so for a while. I thought i could live there. I was just like you know. I can live anywhere. Move bats while you can live anywhere. I mean you can in theory but you but but you can't is super small. It's like It's it was small. It was small for what i needed to do. So i was constantly like jumping on like an extra flight to just to get out of mombassa into opportunity into life and work. Yeah i'm going to pull a thomas friedman on your i i was talking to my cabdriver right from us saying the same thing everybody. He grew up with those living in nairobi. Now it's nice and there's no jobs. But that's i mean. La maybe is an exception. I don't know like a all of the people. There are trying to make it not nice but they. You know beautiful places. Great beach never have good jobs. There's never enough you're to go back to some godforsaken place like new york to get your work done okay. So attlee whenever people say where you from like visiting la and people say where he from. Mo's like the east coast the true your coaster. No because no because yeah kenya's the other east coast and you from the great lakes. That work no i was. I don't know isn't this Right so you're an east coaster kenya being on the east coast in but not like a proper east coast would still be mombassa again. The default how far back to your born raised in nairobi. Yep But then became hopping on a flight to get into life you. You hopped out pretty young young university even before that the last two years of high school i did them in the uk was there. Like that's when. I realized i was black. Hard thing to figure out here. I didn't know i didn't know it. I am like now i hadn't heard of it. I wasn't having race conversations with my parents. I'm having race conversations with my children now I just it was just it. Wasn't it wasn't a thing. Tribe was a thing. And we're trying to get over that and you know but race wasn't a thing i remember i had a white auntie and jews lake. You know like different. It's just like the odd person out. Wow you know. That's just because she was different.

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