A highlight from Jack Daniels trilogies Brown-Formans blockbuster strategy. Stitch Fixs 40% pop. Ubers self-drive ditch.

Snacks Daily


This jack and this is snacks daily. It is wednesday december nine. Did you hear that a ninety year old woman in the uk took a vaccine nick for her stocks also. Hit a record high with our best next daily yet. This is a lot better than yesterday for our first story. What do jack daniels. Thor having common jack liquor. Legend brown forman his tossing blockbuster strategy on its whiskey. Can you blame for our second story stitch. Fix the stock jumped. Thirty nine percent yesterday smackers. The fix is learning how to stitch for our third and final story. Uber's big new plan for self driving technology. Yeah turns out there ditching it. That's the plan. we're jumping into. Why uber is walking away from self driving ambitions after five years two and a half billion dollars puts knackers before we jump into honestly jack a wonderful mix of stories. You know meat based meat had a really good run. It did carnivores give or take thousand years. They did then plant based meat. Seemed to be enjoying like some kind of a moment right now. Yeah give or take. Ten months purchased like any celebrity situation.

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