Arno Hazekamp PhD on Confronting the Unknown in Holland's Medical Cannabis Program


So of course in the medical system you'll never promote smoking but then what while make tea or vaporize. It's what do we know about t. What do we know about pricing. Nothing but it's better than smoking. Right so i said no. Not if you're drinking disgusting green water with no active ingredients. Just wasting your expensive medicine. Yeah that's true too. So i had to go completely to the basis so that means isolate my own standards because i couldn't order them. Quantify my own standards purifying one thing chromatography. The second thing is to quantify them and you cannot easily do that by weighing because they're sticky and syrupy so i had to develop an methods to quantify it with an internal standard. There was not a cannabinoid that we had our cannabinoid than i had to learn. How do they behave. What what kind of spectroscopic and chromatographic behavior do they have. So i had to summarize that. And then i had to move on to. What's actually different between the varieties that we're growing here in holland. Are they really that different or should be more different. Cbd wasn't even the question back then that came even later but then you move onto administration forms. How do you make optimal cannabis t in a reproducible. Way where it's not suddenly way too strong when you forget about the boiling water for five minutes because the phone rings. What if in those five minutes your tickets and times stronger than there's all kinds of patients around holland are suddenly fainting and falling off the stairs because they're super high right so and we knew none of those things vaporisers. What's a good vaporizer. What's not so good vaporize and how what you know no standards for anything. No quality checks for anything. If you could make a vaporizer bring it to the market. You just sold it right. It's not really that much difference now. But then those things renew and then we had no idea what kind of toxins or or crap. They were spitting out to candidates so my question was always. Keep it simple Stick to the things that real people need to know now. No no large studies just for your signs buddies but focus on what patients need to know today and try to set up the study and also writes the results down in in an article in situation. Everybody can understand including the patient. You're doing it for so i. I called a national geographic style. You can't you can't watered down to science so much that it's not actually true anymore. It just sounds easy at nice but it's not actually true because then you're misleading people and i think you know if you get data from people you have to give it back to them so I i was interacting with users and prescribers and patient organizations. Like what are you dealing with. What is your life. Look like once you get that jar with cannabis and you go home then what you know. Where do you get stuck. What do you want to know. And that's been a very fruitful approach to my To my phd thesis. Because then not only a bunch of scientists around the world but basically everybody in my sphere of influence from from physicians to to patients to politicians to to family members. They wanted to know out his his work. Because i can actually read this teases and know what it means so with that i reached my goal of not just as a molecular biology. Just doing very fun stuff in the lab but also have one leg in in the real world and be

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