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Everybody every one welcome back to. Let's get civil. I'm lizzy stewart and i'm arden wallin housekeeper. And we're back babes and talking about the w a we're gonna talk about a wall a war. It's been a long time coming. i. I love talking about worse. I really do just there. So they're crazy they're crazy. It's crazy the concept of war is is banana yes to me but here we are here. We are here. We are and this is a war. That like i knew a little bit about. But it's one of the ones in grade school where there's like. There's revolutionary war. There's you know the civil war in between there was the war of eighteen twelve. But we don't really need to talk about. It is need to know that. Ha- bound right john that we'll because it's like it's so mean not so close but it's like close to the revolutionary war. You know to me. It's just like i get why people wanna just jump over. And it's like yeah. We're still like yeah you know there's nothing jazzy about what it's ballot revolutionary war. We're fighting for independence. We're fighting against slavery. War of eighteen. Twelve trade dispute tree is hard to make. A trade dispute sexy. I mean yeah really really is but you know what we're gonna do. We're going to try to make sexy wear wire berm barber murmur and now coming to the stage the war of eighteen twelve. Okay sorry horrific such a heroic Twelve sounds sexy. Look geraldo we. Won't we will keep fighting the good fight this acce- but we're let's just. Let's just jump right into her because why not so. These notes are coming from history dot com. Obviously this senate because how can it not britannica and one of my favorite sources. Battlefields dot org. We got a lot of info from them when we did our stuff about the black soldiers in major wars. yep and i think they're gonna resource for. Yep so let's we're just gonna break down some of the basic so like through line of this war basically what's going on you dot s dodd. Baby you start really. We're young with the capital. Why we're in the middle of a war. Between the french and great britain because of difficulties of trade basically france and great britain are fighting yellow pissing contest about who gets to trade with us. You not as not. It's who gets the data and the divorce. Yeah i mean to have two people fighting over you hot. That's hot red hot. So let's talk about where this fighting actually took place so the war of eighteen twelve was fought in the united states canada and on the high seas. Why do they call it. The high seas do you think because the waves are high against. I mean it is counterintuitive because if there's of course then low sees but do you only fight when the caesar. Yeah but like. That's a phrase. It's like we're on the high seas. Yeah why why are we on the high seas why we never on the low sees where we never on still water. You know what. I mean like lie. The high it's i don't know maybe something romantic about it. If you know the terminology high-seas call me and walk me through august. I do feel like it has something to do with like it. Just sounds better to be at war on a tremendous icees around you know dick. Call me sh- mail. I get it. I read so battles were fought in the old southwest. Which i love i kept the this description in for you because i was like i have never heard. Parts of the country referred to this way may best excess so the old southwest consists of alabama louisiana georgia and mississippi and the old northwest which is embracing ohio and embracing ohio illinois. Indiana michigan and wisconsin Handed as we said coastal maine and the chesapeake so many battles happened in rivers lakes and oceans. The british enforce a blockade of american ports particularly in the south along the atlantic seaboard. Love to see you. Since the war had a distinct commercial character pirates style raids were carried out against trade ships throughout the atlantic. This is dot dot. Worst nightmare is the return of the pirates. The return of the pirates. They've up they just they. You never know when the pirates are are imagined. The war of eighteen twelve starts these pirate esque raid start happening and the founding fathers and the goat are like. Oh no not again. We thought young with the pirates. Oh god oh no. Lake erie and lake. Ontario played major roles in the war of eighteen. Twelve who who would've thought who would've thought sitting amidst the main theater of operations in the north they shaped the movements of contending armies large ships were built and put on the lakes where they engaged in full-scale battles for supremacy in order to move troops and bombard rival town. Yep dang popping off in lake erie and let you idea we're going to chase. I pulled up the battle of. Because i was like. We can't talk about every single. Like i don't wanna know koran logical. Lets us news fast. Of course our here. So i just pulled the battle of lake erie which is also known as the battle of put in bay put in bay. I am so excited. Because i spend time there almost every summer. And how for like ten years and so excited to give you some real world agreeance a really with bring us there. I'm graying is. Yeah a picture but that's coming later. Battle of lake erie is coming later. So let's talk a little bit more about the causes of the war. Love it because less with any fight. There's always tensions brewing underneath for awhile. The tensions that caused the war of eighteen twelve arose from the french revolutionary and polio wars. During this nearly constant conflict between france and britain american interests were injured by the two countries endeavors to block the united states from trading with the other so like america much like we do. Today wanted to trade with france trade with great britain. Go back in like they just wanted to be able to see both parents. Yeah and ex- except the both parents are like we don't want you going to your mom's house exactly and us okay. But i have to go to mom's house right. What do you mean to say like great. I have to go see ma on goes mom and then mama be like. I don't want you going to your dad's house and the okay. But i can't a yes exactly. At the outset of the nineteenth century great britain was locked in a long and bitter conflict with napoleon. Same same say. It was a rough time in my life In an attempt to cut off supplies from reaching the enemy both sides attempted to block the united states from trading with each other after jefferson became president in eighteen. O one this is all now coming from britannica. After jefferson became president in eighteen o one relations with britain slowly deteriorated and systematic enforcement of the rule of seventeen fifty six resumed five obsessed.

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