Philadelphia - Jackknifed Tractor-Trailer Snarls Traffic Along Blue Route


Up on the westbound Scougall Expressway. This is because of a problem on the blue route North bound, so the delay starts right around. Gladwin heads west to the blue Room for 76, then north on the blue Room for 76 traffic is jammed up Nova ST David's up to above the school expressway. That's where there is a jackknifed tractor trailer there on ly the left lane gets by Also westbound on the Scougall Expressway. Traffic is a bit slow university to 30th Street, Ongoing construction. You had the rain, and then it's even a little more slow than normal. Things are looking pretty good on 95 north and south out through Philadelphia, and the accident that was 95 South, bound in Wilmington passed to O to completely gone for 95. We had an accident. This is South out of three of the very top of the United Five for 95 split heading south into Delaware that has now gone for 95 is clear as well. No issues to report with the Vine Street Express Way Back up in Philadelphia, East or west. We're looking pretty good in New Jersey on 1 30 South bound. We've got an accident at Browning Road in Pennsauken Township. The earlier problem we had on 73 North bound. This was right around high Street. There was a traffic signal that had come down with an accident there other major routes through New Jersey really looking pretty good at the moment. We're not seeing any problems on the bridges. If you go over into back over into P ay, we've got an accident on the 30 Bypassed. Traffic is jammed up. This is eastbound as you approach business, 30. The left lane is blocked there and we've got the truck That's kind of sideways is a pickup truck and apparently leaking all kinds of fluid. So you might not want to be there right now. Eastbound 30 bypass approaching business, 30, Mass Transit.

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