Dallas Cowboys make handful of roster moves, activate Brown from IR


Tyron Smith is now gone for the year it was announced on Friday two days ago Mike. McCarthy confirmed the report from NFL networks. Mike Fellow and Jane Slater Day before Mike McCarthy confirmed the tarrant Smith will undergo season ending surgery next week the cowboys are hopeful that he'll be back in two thousand and twenty one the Dallas cowboys already down there other offensive tackle in Lyle Collins Who Unlike Tyran Smith did not play a down this season. Also, it's worth mentioning that Travis Frederick. Retired shortly after Mike McCarthy took over as head coach his replacement if you want to call them that in Joe Looney. A sprained MC l. he is scheduled or slated I should say to miss the next two to three weeks just depends how that's going to go tyler beyond the cowboys fourth round rookie out of Wisconsin. Same place they got Travis. Frederick. Of course, seemingly is a much more stable option than anybody that's going to replace tarrant Smith or Lyle Collins but I bring all of this up to say that when my McCarthy. Signed his contract to be the head coach of the Dallas cowboys he did. So with likely knowledge that at the very least tired smitten, Lyle Collins would be playing for his football team and quite possibly unless you knew at the time that Travis Frederick was going to retire the Travis. Frederick. would be playing as well. So he's now down sixty percent of the offensive line he thought that he. Would have their many defensive players that are out Joe McCoy. One of the teams biggest off season signings is gone because he got hurt on the first day of practice and so this this team and where they are a month into the season is very different than the one Mike McCarthy sat down implant. That's all I'm saying it is definitely true that you have to adjust in the NFL. That's life things happen injuries happen with stuff happens that sports that's life like I said and so Mike McCarthy ultimately has to be held responsible for that because he's the head coach that's the hat that he wears, but it is worth saying and that's why I said now let's talk about some of these injuries and some of the roster moves the Dallas cowboys made ahead of this game on. Saturday day before this that you and I are talking day before game. Day the. Dallas. Cowboys made a handful of roster adjustments. It had been rumored all week long that Anthony. Browne would be returning from injured reserve and remember that injured reserve operates differently due to cove nineteen protocols and now nfl players only have to be on injured reserve for three weeks before they are eligible to return Anthony Brown. Is Eligible to return. It was speculated all week long that he would rejoin the cowboys they are in massive need of help in their secondary. So they officially Anthony Brown bag he is the first player that the Dallas cowboys have brought back off of injured reserve so far this season other candidates for this potential obviously include Sean Lee late and vanish. We'll see about cam irving things like that. But Anthony Brown I one. So the cowboys activated Anthony Brown. He is now part of the fifty three man roster, of course. So is Francis Bernard a fan favourite linebacker, undrafted free agent linebacker out of Utah many people, Francis, Bernard in the training camp portion of the year. Obviously no preseason he is. Now on the fifty three man roster, the cowboys have needed massive help in the linebacker. Department So far this season

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