Esports Round-Up: Huya, DouYu and Halo

The Esports Minute


Let's start with though you and Julia we talked about this when tens at announced intentions to potentially combine the two massive streaming sites but today the deals intentions were made official. Both sides had relatively equal viewership share in the Chinese market, and now they combined to be the big streaming site in the world. Of course, tencent controls the majority voting power with the company is well, it's ten cents world we just live in it over in Doda to land valve is going to pump the TI prize pool. Until it bursts this past weekend, the price will which grows thanks to a small percentage of sales of cosmetic items in Doda crossed the. Forty million dollar mark. That's absurd. Last year, the price will was thirty, four million, and this year would have been around the same had ti habitant August like it has every year for the last decade or so though Ti being postponed until apparently August twenty, twenty, one according to the last vowed statement that price pool is set to just keep growing if trends hold true price will be over sixty million by next August and if that is the case I'm not. Sure. Any eastwards event will ever top it. I'm grey haired Geezer reminiscing about the Game Q. and finally speaking of Reminiscing Hilo sports has had the most positive momentum. The eastward seen has had in years this morning envy announced a halo. Roster. They joined cloud nine and central's as major eastwards organizations who recently announced rosters. There is something happening behind the scenes here ahead of the release of Halo Infinite which has been delayed indefinitely and doesn't have an exact release date. Today one hundred, even released their CS go roster. Now that doesn't mean much by itself. I don't really want to speculate on it, but it could be opening up the or to a new game and halo seems like a likely possibility that's offers up upset of the sports minute I'll be back tomorrow or possibly Wednesday depending on how much news comes out tomorrow with a recap of Group and League of legends world ahead of the bracket stage would start later this week.

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