How Voice Tech Podcast's Carl Robinson Got Started In Voice


So Carl. Comey how you got started invoice? What was your first experience? The voice device in? How did he interested in voice technology? So. I found voice few years ago while I was doing my data science master's degree in. Paris France has a two year cost studying machine learning and saw looking around at different fields that interested me decide. I would work in after the after I graduated house okay. And traction studying robotics, the Voice of course, and also different fields that involve the human in someway I call it the interaction element of things I ended up doing an internship. At a laboratory could come on voice emotion transformation as it basically means I was creating machine learning model that would accept recording of human speech and then transform its characteristics so that it would output a new file of the person speaking with the emotion in the voice changed in some way. So it would sound more angry or happier or whatever you would like. This is fantastic. First introduction for me into the world of voice allowed me to me a lot of people who specialised in voice technology and really started a spot, my nation, and this was exactly around the time when you know I'm an Alexa and be smart speakers really taking off as well. So I could see that was a real opportunity in the industry to to work in that field as well, and so this is this is what really got me into voice surfaced of all. I think the first voice interface I us apart from the. Toys R., US a child and we can all think back to the eighty s when there was some kind of voice interfaces But. In recent times I think that the the most the first voice choice I used was on my mobile phone. Many people had an android phone. So I started issuing a few voice set his and commands to it was paying more attention to the space immediately went out and ordered an Amazon Echo. DOT started playing with that set up my smart home a couple of light switches asking questions hooked it up to Jesus, so I could ask her music tracks and things like that and it grew from that. Started using my phone in the car as people do I start buying the Google devices. So how? A range of different ecosystems in the house now but that was my first experience basically. So those experiences on my phone and on the the smart because really convince me of the potential voice in has been a fan of the idea of Ambien computing that the star Trek Vision. Well, you just walk into a room and asked what we want and none of this late word business. You just have thought ask for it and keep and computer response and I see this is a big step towards that vision as not the full it's not the full vision. Of course, there's going to be other modalities introduced, but really sparked my. Imagination and it really made me made me think that this is the technology that has the most potential to advance the quickest in the coming years thinking about my career and what I wanted to work on I was thinking strongly about the by Thornton VR. Still has a long way to go before it really takes off in the mainstream but this voice thing this really looks like it's got a lot of attention on the short term and I think it was right in in that prediction as well because looking the proliferation of smart because. So many searches conducted over voice today. It's definitely it's definitely a trend that's going to stick. The voice tech podcast is a must listen. So listeners go listen to it. You have over seventy episodes right now carl and I enjoyed being a guest in episode sixty one. Please tell listeners more about your podcast. Thanks Roger, I really appreciate that. Yeah, like signed. Before as you mentioned, we've done over seventy episodes. Now I can mention a few that really stick in my mind deals with a personal favor. Actually I the thing I liked to buy our conversations that it was very well-structured. You've really got into the the details of the the bixby system as well. I left that conversation failing some impressed. So in in. The the way that you guys have done over there, but we've had lots of conversations like that on there that was podcast to me. Personally, it's been a wonderful experience for personal branding reasons expanded my network hugely by doing. So I've spoken to lots of people that I would've never had the opportunity to just be to otherwise. So it's been, it's been a wonderful experience,

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