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Tab of the ESPN APP and please take a minute to rate and review the show those reviews really help others find us and we would just love it. If you would contact the astrophysicists at America's best racing to let them know that in the gate belongs in their nominees for best podcast. In this year's fan choice awards try the twitter handle at Ab our live or the America's best racing facebook page. Let them know that in the gate belong? Barry Abrams that trainer and owner had been involved with thoroughbreds almost as long as yours truly Berry Abrams has been working here at ESPN. I started in October nineteen ninety-two, the owner and trainer transitioned from standard breads to thoroughbreds in nineteen ninety-three. He trained the occasional graded stakes winner including famous digger who won the grade one del Mar Oaks in nineteen ninety-seven and unusual suspect who won the grade one Hollywood. Turf Cup back when there was still off Hollywood park that was ten years ago. Abrahams also conditioned unusual suspects, father unusual heat who was not a great runner but turned out to be the all time leading sire in California in terms of what his offspring earned on the track. Abrahams bread one of unusual heats great grandchildren a son of one of the country's current leading sires uncle. That four year. Old Colt is Mojo. foursome Mo- forces still six lengths off the lead and getting pushed along at this stage as the field turned for home blitzkrieg firing a big shock sharp samurais now coming in on the outside Mo force a gathering momentum under extremely confident handling. Fours shifting in as he strolls on by another outstanding performance from Mo Four. That win at the beginning of October and the city of hope mile was Mo- fours as sixth win in his last seven starts. Five of those wins have come in graded stakes and think about this until last year owner trainer Barry Abrams had won eleven graded stakes title in his twenty seven year career. What makes this story so much more poignant is that Abrahams the first generation immigrant from Minsk Belarus died on October ninth from throat cancer at age sixty six he was diagnosed in two thousand four and battled valiantly for over fifteen years a surgery to remove half his voice box in two, thousand five and a recurrence of the cancer and a second throat. Surgery in two thousand eleven, he left the training part to others in two thousand sixteen but continued on as an owner and breeder Mo. Four TSA is trained by Peter Miller a few days before the news broke of Barry Abrams passing. We reached out to mow forces co owner enough, Rio Pecoraro to talk about Abrahams and the horse that conversation follows now. I spoke with him right after this video, what a race out was and so I call them we spoke for a few minutes. You know I don't normally speak with him over the phone just because of the situation with his. Speaking so usually attacking each other, but I did call one spoke for a couple of minutes wife Diane was there on the phone and this horse smoke is a dream come true for me and I know burying Diane have talked about this horse and Earth Okay and I'm not kidding you when I say that when I reached out to Berry was may of two thousand and sixteen just to see if the any horses that I could be a partner with him on. He mentioned that he had this baby at on Komo and We spoke for half hour via tax and he allowed me to buy fifty percent of the horse and I just remember you know this sources six weeks old. And he said the deal would we? If you come into as a partner we're going raise some because his plan was to sell them in the in the fall sale. And I said of course says That's we're we're going to raise some that's the plan and You know I remember Diane called me Harry's wife. Holiday. Dot. It's was. That this horse was going to run and they weren't happy just sell them. When I say excited she was excited. In. So we chatted, and of course, you know the baby was still young and then you know watching them grow, he was up the farm. To Tailor made for. and. They would send us some photos and updates about the horse and you know they were raving about him when he was six months old nine months old, they would send us a little report card with the photo of him and. And our can't originally was to run him in the Derby. That would be a can but unfortunately he had. shin-splints you know John Orchard Get up, and so we had to put him on the far for six months and that Kinda messed up his. Path to the Derby. And Brian Lynch was a trainer at the time. And I met Brian here in San Diego few years ago during the. Breeders Cup twenty. Seventeen. And he talked highly about the horse and then it was actually April last year Berry Call He. He just said, you know got told them. The horse should be here on the West Coast And I didn't hesitate 'cause I've known Berry for a while we've had a lot of horses together. And it's just been an unbelievable experience. You know once for me, I've only twenty some horses in my eleven years of ownership. And this is just a dream come true for myself and I know variant Diane. It's once in a lifetime to have a horse. Do what it's done in a year. You know we got five grader wins one great one forgery twos and That's in a short amount of time. When you think about this year covert nineteen, he's had three starts and so. It's been a great great ride and I know he's brought a lot of excitement. Berry Diane will always have a lot of gratitude to Berry and Diane for our be apart or with them in this horse You know it's just a pretty much a dream come true for me. Why did you reach out to Barry? What about him made? You want to be partners with him Well I met Gary. Back he? was friends with my uncles fallen law right PIZZA SALVO, head of market down in the neighborhood. And Bury met him back in the would come down and you know it was a young kid back then but I would see would come probably once a week during the del Mar.. Sandwich you know yes but the. I remember beating. One day I. Love it money back back then. One day I owned horses you know I. Would Love to get a couple of babies that have unusual heat and. You know at that point in time I was growing up in knowing about the industry. New. Burying Bandon the nor Barakat and usually. And so fast forward. I bet bearing probably was ninety, six, ninety, seven. I reached out to a friend of mine. Vicenzo Lavar. So who? Had Horses with Barry Mandolin and Good friend of mine. Reached out to him one day and was. Sitting on my buddies bar had a couple of drinks. You know what? It's time I'm ready to do this and. Sure enough. You know set up a luncheon and he told me Berry Diane. We're going to come down and meet them at his restaurant eastone. Gal. Airing. Berry brought down a list of five horses. On a piece of paper. And he says, you're more than welcome to by ten percent fifty

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