Hurricane Delta steams across Gulf of Mexico


We are following a developing story out of the Gulf of Mexico region. As Hurricane Delta takes aim over there you can see by the map let's get right to CNBC's shepard. Smith with the latest airship, it does look like it could be terrible for the folks out there in Louisiana, and Mississippi not going to be good not at all the the latest is five o'clock. Update five eastern we just got that bring it to you. I, if you look at the top edge of this, it's so close to land. It's incredible. It looks like that is going to go over parts of Lake Charles and points east. A lot of rain has happened already Jackson Mississippi over the last twenty, four hours. They're estimating ten inches seven to eight inches around Lake Charles and if. You look at the cone. For this thing, it's not just a coast storm. This thing is going to go inland and rain and rain and rain I want to show you the cone of uncertainty if you will for this storm and there it is category too when it comes to shore and then it will weaken very quickly still be a tropical system, but not a hurricane as it moves. UPS skirts along Nashes Mississippi into the Jackson Mississippi area. Jackson. Mississippi. GonNa have reigned for at least the next twenty, four hours. This storm has weakened a little bit but not since the last report, the new update from the National Hurricane. Center has the central pressure at nine hundred and sixty six bars, which is up, and that means the storm is weakening. You look at go back to that last. Loop. You can see at the bottom the is breaking up on the bottom. That's sheer. The I is falling apart a little bit not a moment too soon let's go to Lafayette Louisiana Embassies Jay. Grazed Air Force. Wow He's getting wet you Jay. Yup. Well, conditions really intensifying over the last thirty, forty, five minutes the rain picking up a wind as well. We've got up the tropical fun print. Don't want to walk you down to the Million River and this is what you. Got All this. It's already over banks here. That's going to be a big problem. We've got sick maybe seven of these conditions left to go we're going to see sheets of rain continues to fall in the Lafayette area we could see up to a foot of rain before Paul said. And Wind Gusts better go be over hurricane strength again it for you be a real rough ride here for the next six or seven. And as you were talking about, this is an area here like Charles just to the West that's already been dealing with the effects of Laura category four storm. So they've been working for six weeks now worried that that works going to be walked away by this storm of move in mighty tough Jay gray one of four correspondence we have in the either storm. What is show you the storm surge in exactly what that's going to be like he said, vermillion, they're expecting up to eleven feet of. Storm surge there much less over by new. Orleans. Mouth of the Mississippi two to four feet lake pontchartrain one to three feet. So it's not going to be horrible near new. Orleans. But on the west side of Louisiana Lake Charles, we've just got battered at the end of August. They still don't have roofs on most of their houses that place is about to get hit

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