Amazon workers stole half a million dollars worth of iPhones


Amazon employees arrested for stealing five hundred ninety. Two thousand dollars worth iphones now. goes on to say a group of five amazon employees have been arrested for allegedly stealing iphones from logistics center madrid spain in an operation. It is believed to involve the theft of five hundred thousand euro in goods which translate to five hundred ninety two thousand. Us dollars the us. Remain following an internal investigation by amazon itself discovering their issues with some packages sent to customers due to having differing weights from what the actual order was supposed to weigh. The detected differences prompted amazon to install hidden cameras to find out what was happening. They then determined a group of worker was were slipping new. Iphones like die phone. Twelve and a twelve pro into orders secretly replacing actually ordered contents of a package at the last moment it believes the orders replaced by an accomplice. Three of the five people implicated in theft ring. Were arrested on leaving work. A fourth was picked up while working in a fifth turned himself into police on totally. All five. Have then been consequently fired by john. Aren are awaiting trial

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