Rudy Giuliani joins Trump campaign's sputtering legal effort in Pennsylvania


We've got a lawsuit underway being heard right now in federal court Secretary of State wants the court to throw it out there in Pennsylvania. This lawsuit filed by the president's campaign and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani is representing the campaign in court today, Let's get more from the A. P S. Jennifer King in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. There's a hearing on the Trump campaign's federal lawsuit. They're seeking to prevent certification of state voting results that gave President elect Joe Biden Pennsylvania's 20 electoral votes. The lawsuits. Seeks to start Pennsylvania election officials and election boards in seven counties from county absentee and mail in ballots that the Republican president's campaign claims were improperly permitted to be cured. Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Book Bar has asked to have the lawsuit thrown out, calling the allegations at best garden variety irregularities. The Trump campaign's legal team has been in turmoil. Pittsburgh lawyers dropped out on Friday. Three other lawyers with true and the new attorney that stepped in on Monday was denied his request for a delay. I'm Jennifer

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