How to Launch & Grow a Professional Coaching Practice And Career with Eben Pagan


Ebben say what's up to fire nation and sheer so the interesting about yourself. That most people don't know what's up. Fire nation first of all and Something interesting about the people don't know is that my name isn't eban. It's actually eboni. My first name is ebeneezer. A my dad's favorite story was the christmas carol. Oh and it was about this guy who you know went through his life and he got to see the past and the future and he changed and he kind of woke up and my name's ebeneezer every time. I watched that show from this day four. Which is every christmas. By the way i'm going to think of you and that's really i think you're the only ebeneezer that i know. So you're number one. You're the only and fire nation you know from the introduction. They were talking about how to launch in grow a professional coaching practice. Career ends as you heard from the introduction. There's literally nobody better talk about this then eban pagan or should i say ebeneezer pagan and one thing. I just want to start off with is. Let's just talk about if coaching is really a professional career path. I mean i feel like people come from college and they tell their parents like yeah. I'm going to become a professional coach. And they might be like really like talk. Talk to us about that. Is this a professional career path. Well i think the answer is yes and you know it's yes and no further folks that are just like oh i'm going to be a coach and they you know think idealistically that they're just going to say like okay. I'm a coach. And then everything's gonna work out perfectly and you know but people take it seriously who realize the importance of coaches in life in business people who have the calling. You know they say like coaching is a calling. If it's for you than now is the time and it's never been more of a professional career path. There are something like one hundred thousand professional coaches right now on the planet and that means that it's established it's real. I mean most people by now. Either noah coach have gotten coaching. Maybe you even our coach taken coach training. So you see that. This is a real thing but really. We're going to see over the next several years. This is going to skyrocket. And it's going to go to millions of coaches and yes it's a professional career path. You know what actually one more thing There was an article in harvard. Business review last year is december of twenty nineteen just went by and it talked about how management and leadership in large corporations is literally becoming coaching that. The role of the manager is now being considered the role of the coach. And so it's not just a professional career path all by itself. But if you want to succeed in the corporate world if you want to succeed in the academic world if you want to succeed as a parent you know. I really think that. This is the skill set to learn. We might disagree on my next question evident. I think that'll be fine. It could be a good conversation for sure. But i have to ask you. Don't agree agree. We might agree. We might disagree. That'll be the question. So i wanna know what you think first and then i'll share my thoughts afterwards. Which with a disagreement may come on people that are a twenty one year old life coach or a nineteen year old life coach or a twenty four. Your old life coach. Like what are your thoughts and not even just life course. Employing that word life out of there actually just coaches. What do you think about people at that. Age being professional coaches. Well you know. I think maybe part of what you're asking here. Is you know when you see the couple. That's been together for like two years. And they're in their twenty s on instagram. And they're like we're professional mantra teachers or something like wait a minute. Aren't you supposed to have been meditating for twenty years. I knew bring dabble by the way i knew. What did you nine. I okay okay okay okay oh good one all right okay i agree. I know i disagree okay. So here's the thing. Coaching is this is a. This is a real serious thing. What most people don't realize is that over the last twenty twenty s years. Lots in lots of really brilliant people have been down the rabbit hole of figuring out what coaching is and how it works and developing the models in the skills in the techniques in the exercises in the business models and everything and this is something that anybody can actually learn now most of the people that we work with our most of the come through the virtual coach. Are you know. Thirties forties fifties sixties. A lot of people in in midlife lot lot of younger people too. But you know if you're nineteen this is one of the most important skill sets that you could possibly

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