Zillow rallying like it's Zoom during pandemic housing boom


Is becoming the new Azuma during the pandemic. Greg Jared a. Bloomberg has this and focus report. Home sales Zoom on Zillow since home sales cratered When the lockdown began last spring, they've resumed with gusto, a combo of low mortgage rates and increasing familiarity with tech tools to search and view virtually has taken home sales to new heights and demand is strong. Ivy Zelman, CEO and Selman and Associates. People better focused on their homes during this pandemic Saturday night Live may make fun of the zoo map for business use, and if you were a pain to be honest, now, Zillow, the online real term that already had home search and view tools on board drew an average 236 million unique users monthly in the quarter. Record and up 21% from last year. Cheryl Bomber chief executive officer of homebuilder Taylor, Morrison says they put up a virtual platform quickly. Actually, we've seen week over week improvements since early April. I'm Gregg Jarrett Bloomberg Business for news

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