SpaceX launches 4 astronauts to space station in new era for NASA


One launch second crew of astronauts to orbit. That was sunday evening. Inside the company is crewed dragon spacecraft the first operational mission of the crew dragon which successfully launched at seven twenty seven pm eastern time on top of the space x falcon nine rocket from nasa's kennedy space center in florida nasa astronaut. Mike hopkins victor glover and shannon walker. Were joined by. Soichi noguchi from the japanese aerospace exploration agency jackson after over twenty four hours in orbit which they still are the time of recording. The crucial docket the iss on monday at around eleven pm eastern time. Yeah this was exciting. People were were taking breaks from their crown. Binging to watch to watch a crew get launched Not on non not as a test full crew Getting launched up to the international space station. And this is the return of the united states to being able to deliver its own crew to the iss. The test of course was the first time they did it. But this is this crew was like oh. It's like driving a used car. We aren't the first ones in here. I don't know. I mean it's it's you know there's four of them. I mean i watched it. I i was. I was countdown in an hour plus beforehand. Because i like watching the nasa stream on new two on youtube. I like the commentators. Although there are lots of ways that you can stream it but it all seemed so seemless and listen. I know that this stuff is very white. Knuckled nail biting for anybody who who works in the arena And some folks that. I follow on twitter. Were extremely worried about it because of course you know. It's a big deal but boy was that it was it was a it was a magical liftoff. Everybody everybody clapping. Yeah love it. Good stuff and the kind of inspirational stuff. That's especially needed this

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