A Chilling Question Divides Europe: Open Ski Slopes or Keep Them Closed?

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Union countries are at odds over whether it is safe to open ski resorts for the winter holiday season, Teri Schultz reports with each government and making its own rules. It raises questions both for health authorities and for vacationers When the coronavirus first turned up in Europe to major hot spots were ski resorts in Italy and Austria. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is asking countries to keep the resorts closed this season. Italian Prime Minister Decepticon to urged his citizens not to go skiing. The European Commission doesn't have the authority to tell countries what to do. But as commission spokesman Stephane Daycare, Smucker explains here through an interpreter, it hopes they'll cooperate. We're asking the member states to coordinate their efforts properly taking into consideration the existing state of science and the guidelines that have been drawn up. Austria, however, says it would mean a loss of More than $2 Billion to shut down. Non EU member Switzerland reportedly plans to keep its slopes open for

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