Epic Games is expanding its NFL partnership to include Rocket League in addition to Fortnite

Esports Minute


On fortnite was on top of the world in 2018. The NFL was one of the main Partnerships that stood out from that time. It seemed like everyone in the game was wearing an NFL jersey for a few weeks whether or not they actually particularly cared for the league itself. Now that partnership is coming back and expanding to Rocket league as well rocket League's exact activation has yet to be announced but previous collaborations with Entertainment Properties. Give us a pretty good idea of what it might look like. I'd assume a limited-time mode some new car designs and some Stoppers to go along with specialized challenges and fortnite we've seen in the past but it seems to be stepped up a little bit this year. All 32 teams will get a Gridiron Gang Outfit into Styles. I imagine a male and a female style players will still be able to customize their jersey number as well. Now that last bit is a little bit of a surprise to me last time jersey numbers were able to be changed players immediately started recreating controversial NFL players like convicted murderer, Aaron Hernandez and Moss a QB arrested for his role in a dog fighting ring. My friend Andrew Hayward wrote up a great write-up about how the activation was taken by fans in a direction the NFL likely wanted to avoid I'll link that article below. It's a good write-up about some of the potential dangers of in-game activations, but still the benefits clearly outweigh any perceived negatives on this one even with fortnite player based down from its eyes and 2018 Dodge still commands a large audience. And so does the now free to play rocket league for traditional sports leagues often competing with video games when it comes to younger audiences extra promotion and these games could go a pretty long way and making sure I don't forget the NFL every Sunday. That's

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