Spending review, racial harassment, digital, Covid complaints - burst 3


Setup setup spending review for the next year and we probably already had a good idea about some highlights public sector pay infrastructure investments in the office overseas aid budget. But i mean the review outlines that ambition for the uk to become a scientific superpower and this fifteen billion to be invested in r. and d. next year lots of things around uplift for uk our national academies commitment to build a new science capability and also to establish a new unit for commercializing research. An and this is all really good news for universities in general and it will you know we it will really help us to play our parts in contrbuting to the post pandemic economy and also for an institution like kale. It's really important that we're involved in the level pagendam and this also welcome commitment to unspecified amounts funding to support the preparation for domestic alternative to rasmus. Plus if we need

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