Shop local shaming and small business messaging missteps.


Tone and this is in a lot of different places all across the country and even online on television and even the in a shop window. There's an aspect about. And i have no problem with it shop local. I personally from a messaging. Standpoint would rather see it delivered a little bit more of consider shopping local. And here's what this is and here's what that is and here's what we have. The problem i see is the shaming that goes on the insulting the aggressiveness the passive aggressiveness. And then the insulting and the assumptions that go along with the shop local trend now. There are some not saying this is all. There are some very moral honorable local business owners local shops that are out there and they are inviting in honor. They're inviting in love. Not using fear. Tactics were pressure tactics or toxic tactics for that matter so again this is not pointed at them but there are a lot of people out there. That are taking an approach. That is irresponsible unprofessional dishonorable and just all out rude wind is anyone. And we saw this in a couple places here in orlando. Where does anyone have the right to say if you don't shop here you don't care about your community. When i saw that in a particular sign and a particular message came out online. I do care about my community and i do care about messaging motioning connecting and love and honor and i will never shop there again if it comes to an insult to try to draw an audience to get conversion. How is that going to work in especially in these days. We've seen this tone before. How could you possibly go to walmart. Oh you're just going to go to one of those big box stores and grab one of those things when you could get one of these and it's locally made and this feeds into the economy now again. I am all about local businesses. I am all about small businesses but when they are communicating and their messaging. And if they want to do it with authenticity and authority invite me instead of ordering me and instead of shaming explain what you have shop local you know what take it up a notch. Take it up a notch respect and honor time. That's challenging in a time. Where a lot of people lost money explain the difference beyond just a statement and really with a lot of these local businesses that are in tight shape. I completely understand that. But where is it fair for the other people. That may not have a local business. Maybe they work for a big box store. Maybe they work for a corporation. Maybe they work for disney or somewhere where they have lost their income and right now the concept is. I've got three kids. I wanna get this many presence for each of them. If i go here if i order online on amazon i'll be able to do this. Yes i wanna be a part of my economy. I wanna be a part of my community but also right now. I want to take care of my family. How can those people be faulted and the fact that people have attacked on twitter on instagram on facebook saying well oh there was one that was great earlier. This week inspired doing this. This podcast now was something you know. You could get a couple less items for your kids. And you could get them locally. And how much would that make this business feel good. I'm sorry as a father father. A one my focus in the things that are needed. Come to my family. In the time that i've lost not being on the road. Not speaking certain things being held up. Yes i still do want to support my community but my first responsibility is to my wife my daughter my family and the wellbeing there and as this has all happened it is looking at a budget and going okay. Where do we trim. Where do we slice things down a little bit. What can we do. And you know what i get that the local gas station. That might do a little bit more for this particular person. But i have a walmart gas station. It's about five minutes away. And i have a walmart card which adds an extra discount there and i'm sorry that right. Let me pull back on that. I'm not sorry right now at this time when it comes to gasoline when it comes to putting fuel in these two cars that we have that's one area where i'm going to save as best i can. It comes to the same thing in other areas. It comes to the same thing in presence. It comes to the same thing. Okay you know your shame to go to starbucks there. Many people support this community. Come here and have this coffee at this coffee shop. You should be supporting local coffee. Tell me what you have. Tell me about your flavors. What if just as a subjective opinion what if that local coffee shop just sucks and their to you not say it's to everyone so subjective point of it sucks to you and you know like their coffee and maybe you prefer starbucks. Maybe you prefer dunkin donuts. Maybe you have a personal preference where it tastes that much better to you and in that experience. How are you not being a part of your community by saying okay. Well i'm gonna go get coffee here in the mindset of this this larger scale of your budget for us to all truly love our community according to many individuals out there we have to probably be spending ten. Fold what we're spending right now and make it all completely localized and again on the other side of it. And we'll flip the switch where it seven minutes. Let's go positive here on the on the other side of it if the product just isn't that good or if you don't know that much about it people you've got to come in here and see my place. Let's move away from that. Invite them on social media not just put out the shop local and its shop local days and support your community because in a way a lot of these families need that support right now and to be shaming guilted for buying their presence on amazon getting their gas or food at walmart and making certain decisions that they have to make right now and to be shamed for that because they're not helping a particular business that also may be in trouble or may not be doing as well. That's not fair so let's now we hit that mark let's now market over to a softer level of messaging. That can be a little bit more. Engaging i believe some the problems where this kind of messaging shows up and this guilt and shame and this aggressiveness or passive. Aggressiveness can be solved in inviting the flip side of not saying shop local because even if your that individual that is not using shame tactics right now just to put out shop local income from the intention of well. I'm not saying that that's not going to complete and put together what you want to see or get the perception from an audience. Because they're experiencing it from other people. Shop logo is trending emotionally as a bad word to many because of that guilt that they've seen in other places no well that's not me. It doesn't matter so to flip that over to understand to get out intention of your heart to get that through to the perception of most begin to talk about and begin to invite or at least consider it. What you do how you're doing it differently. How could there be a variation. Okay i know some toy stores on the west coast and

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