Class 6A Top Ten


The W P A o Had the border control. Voted on what the football Steering committee had decided last week in a meeting that really empowers the football steering committee to make choices and All wild cards, so there will be no mathematical equation to determine to wild cards in five a two wild cards and 482 wild cards and 3 a.m.. Plus. The committee will also be empowered to decide who else makes it. Into the play off field if there are conferences where you can't determine who finished first and who finished second based on games play If everything works out, you have everybody in the playoff mixer in the top of the conference that has played equal amount of games and Old school decided. But if not, then the committee will decide who gets in. The committee also will decide on the final Four teams in to a the top four teams will be the conference champions. There's class two is the only Classifications. With four conferences. So you're three Rivers Conference. Your Allegheny Conference. Your Midwestern Athletic conference in your century conference champions are in The committee will decide. Who gets in beyond that, and that could include More than two teams from a conference again. Wildcard rolls out the window. You could have two wild cards and five a four a 3 A.m. class a both coming From the same conference. You could have more than two teams make it in class double from from a conference. Remember the original rules were the top two teams and double a Made it to the playoffs. So those were some of the things we will continue to talk about Those things A CZ we move on here in the scoreboard show. Trying to keep you up today. We've always kept you up to date in these last couple of weeks of the regular season, who's in Right now. We're not going to know who's in until the committee comes out with the brackets, which by the way, will be unveiled. Next weekend. Likely next Sunday. But that's going to be determined, but next Saturday or Sunday We will have the bracket. The playoff pairing show exclusively here on the trip live high school sports Nowhere that's going to be exciting because again usually you know the field. You know the eight teams of the 16 teams, whatever the cases. And the only question is okay. Where? How are they seated where they seated? Ah lot more with it to it this year. Strange, strange season, all right.

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