Full Auto Friday - Round 23 - with Mike Glover

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Know what that means. Full. Auto. Friday round. I. Don't even know what round it is. So skip that part but today. Special guest host the one and only. Mike. Glover. I, submitted for questions on the Internet Holy? Shit. We got hundreds. And we to focus on. What most people would consider to be our core competency, which is relationship advice. And let's get into it on that full out of Friday with Mike. Glover enjoy. The smoke. Gone wrong. Smoke. Okay I'm looking at danger close now. Whole, I'm sorry everybody but four hundred and some questions is really feasible was in Sane and we might as well open with explain what's going on a lot of them were around your post about how your Shit's getting throttled or censor to whatever term that you would like to use. So. I won't even ask the first question because we're GONNA. Tell you right now we're going to go off the rails question one. Because I did say we are relationship as experts. which we're not that's. said that allowed to buddies. So why are you on it? I? Don't I don't understand. Is it like? You guys be. because. That's the joke. We don't know. We failed every path along the way. So I'll tell you how to navigate that. I. Can tell you the mistakes. I made so many. So filming on what's going on with American contingency Oh man so So they banned the shutdown down we had talked about before about suppression about the search stuff. The last time we were sitting down talking about and it just quickly evolved and. I have to remind everybody we do not do anything politically divisive in A. As a even with the optic per of perception we're I don't want to get bad. So everything we do for the instagram feed is report open source information. So like if if a protest group posts that they're coming out to do something and they're like coming out to do whatever X. Y. or whatever. Z.. We will post that in the story but the post are super non-political. Yeah. and we had fifty thousand followers and it was growing I mean five hundred people a day and they deleted bandit. Is there any warning when that happens or do you just try to log into your device and all the sudden? It's gone? Yeah. So there's no. That's the most difficult thing to accept is there's no process. So they say user agreement will according to use agreement. If you violate these agreement, you'll get warned and then you'll get temporarily banned or temporarily shut down. But you just won't get deleted like our count got deleted like it vanished from the platform. So when you log in, you can't log it in anything not even on the back end because if you make an error I've done before where there's a copyright whatever when you log in, it shows you says, this is what you The mistake you made and you don't make that mistake again. Well, this is just like you log in and there's nothing to log into 'cause it doesn't exist. Completely deleted I don't even know if that's I mean there's no word for it because I, even show band or band is just completely it wouldn't be shadow I mean that's over it's not covered at all I two times I've had instagram. On my personal account, which is the only count. I. Have A. pull the picture was actually video. It's the same video both times every posted it since it's the dude on the hover board who trips in class off his explosive vest.

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