Biden attorneys: Trump, allies cannot overturn Biden victory


Elect Joe Biden say. The Trump campaign has no chance of overturning the results of the election didn't work in Georgia and Trump's trying in Michigan, where to state lawmakers were invited to the White House today. NPR's Windsor Johnson reports, the administration continues to push baseless claims of voter fraud and rigged election while blocking the transition process. In a post election legal briefing by then, Attorney Bob Bauer says President Trump and his allies are ripping away at the fabric of American democracy by refusing to accept the outcome of the election, But Donald Trump has done It is continuing to do is to denigrate and defame and deride this entire process and two alleged to the American public that what they know in their hearts is not true is somehow true and that the election was somehow illegitimate Power says the Constitution and federal law do not permit state legislators to subvert the will of the voters. His remarks come as the Trump campaign continues to pursue legal challenges and a number of swing states but have so far failed. Windsor Johnston. NPR news a rare public

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