'Hollywood, The Sequel,' Episode 9: 'Two Comedians Walk into a Pandemic...with Samantha Bee and Ramy Youssef'

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Sixty five to seventy people. You know what I mean. So that was the process can be agonizing logistic frankly can be an organizing process and I would say that it was because again, you're wrestling with these huge issues and The subject is Jeff and brutality, and we've. We've all witnessed. So getting it. Exactly. Right. Something that we're so such a like curated. Out. Moment in the show. And I worry a lot you know and it's very different also to perform it in the forest to my husband like it's different from. You know. There's no feedback. Really that's a very different experience to and just birds or kind of chirping in the background and has very very quiet, and so we think long and hard about every episode but particularly in those episodes that are responding to something massive that has happened or is happening or something that requires just the kind of approach. One of the things that has happened across the country as the black lives matter movement has really kind of permeated. The way that we see ourselves. The way we see our jobs everybody is reexamining all of their beliefs and their behaviors and something that may happen out of this is that the entertainment business TV film. However you wanted to find, it is going to ask some hard questions about its own behavior. Sore and I'm wondering if you think a that will happen and be if it does what are the kinds of questions that need to be asked and how can entertainment start to address its own history and its own shortcomings I welcome these changes in these conversations for sure I. Think like you know even I look at my own leadership team and I don't have you know I don't have an executive producer who's blackened internists personal of color like I need to look at that within my own show diversity has always been. Something we've thought about in every single higher and every single moment of the show but even we can do better and if we can do better that means everybody can do a lot better. So it's really putting voices in positions of leadership like at every level of the production that. Vital to making the kind of changes that need to be made. It's like when we started the show to when we started the show had this big lofty goal that we were going to start a big mentorship program at the show because you know when you're trying to hire and your and you have diversity in your mind, you really have to reach into other if to work harder, you have to really work harder to recruit the right people for the jobs. So it was such a point of focus for us, and he really wanted to make a mentorship program that like accompanied that goal. and. It was season one of show we didn't know what we were doing everybody was so strapped like it was so stressful just trying to make a show every week that that goal really fell by the wayside and then years passed and we never really came back to it. So this actually has been overly great wake up moment continuing in that mission, but also materializing this goal that always was in the back of my mind but not really possible. Now it's possible and it has to be possible for everybody. It's just. The old days are gone they are. Not, worth remembering To create a neutral jackassery because I think, what you're talking about is the barriers to entry are really high and that one of the reasons that people hire the same people is it's hard to get a job until you have a job and that means that the same people are going to be considered for the next job because they have and that's the real problem that once you get in, you might get work but getting in requires action might be mentorship it might be something else it requires honestly just requires employers. To hire people and that is not always you know there's been, you know it can be people just end up hiring people who they know because by the time that you know that you have a show and you have to make that show, you have not very much time to make a perfect workplace or workplace that's functioning. So people don't actually take chances I feel really proud of the chances that did take when we were making the show. We have so many people working at our show who never worked in television before. And and that has had immense value like the value. I can't state how valuable that has been for the voice of the show. It's you know it just expanded the possibility of the stories that we could tell with authority. This is a smart and creative and better way to story towel. When we come back actor and comedian Rami Yussef. Eric. diggins of NPR called H. Bills Limited series watchmen a masterpiece set in an alternate history where masked vigilantes are treated as outlaws HBO's Watchmen embraces the Nostalgia of the original graphic novel of the same name Wa breaking new ground of its own watchmen is nominated for twenty six emmys including outstanding limited series episodes are available for TV Academy members at HBO FDIC DOT, com? I'M SASHA COCA host of the California Report magazine. Take a road trip for your ears to meet the

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