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The nineteen eighties were good to michael. J. fox the actor shot to fame with roles in the sitcom family ties and the back to the future foods at backup. Don't have enough road to get eighty eight rows row but in nineteen ninety-one age of twenty. Nine fox was diagnosed with early onset. Parkinson's disease in two thousand. He founded the michael j. fox foundation for parkinson's research organization has raised a billion dollars to find a cure through it. All fox found a way to maintain his signature optimism until twenty eighteen when his sunny disposition took a significant hit fox underwent spinal surgery. Then a serious fall that forced him to confront his mortality. He writes about that year in his new book. No time like the future which is out this week and michael. J. fox joins me now. Welcome here tell me about that fall. Well i when dealing with my thirty thirty. Th year outlook parkinson's so that that kind of had handle on been ahead. Spinal tumor had surgery on that and it took me a while to learn how to walk again. I'd barely learn what getting when i of course declared independence until they could walk on my own. And i belong in so i got up. Walk into the kitchen swift flooring shattered my arm and all the dean indignities that was for some reason cutting blow so you as you say you were dealing not only with parkinson's for many years you've just gone through this incredibly dangerous surgery to remove a tumor from your spine. Just spend a moment there for a minute. How serious was that spinal diagnosis in was pretty seriously lifting for a while for a few years. But he's been in a benign and static wasn't doing anything from the dodgers. Just watch that check on every now and then so when the last time that checked on it had grown quite considerably was actually on spinal cord itself which then made Something that Attach because they can't in any way touch her to remove some spinal for when you touch it. But johns hopkins adopted feodor. When's your with me. Discuss the risk. The risk of not doing it where i would be paralyzed by now by as we speak from when win puts me that way i realized yeah and then there you are lying on the floor in your apartment in new york city. Your arm shattered. You'd gone through all of these challenges and gotten through them for the most part right. So where do you think the darkness came from. Why did you so desperately lose that optimism that to become known for some reason it was almost instantaneous last lemon unknown lemonade Unbelie it was angry myself for taking for granted Detention in the in the care they put into my health in my in my life and you know what family Asked me to be careful. When i said don't be careful. Careful careful Carelessly walking too fast and it was two kind of full of pride of of at my might chievements to understand the risks of taking an inadequate To at risk in all the time engine Physical therapists who put me at risk and anti alexander myself I agree as said about how they push china's within a bum. Catchy raised the land myself. They get passes the nothing it was like. I started thinking with the parkinson's community i Optimism tennessee. And i kind of said it'll be okay and and really there are people that had a misery index lot higher needle. Lend me with a broken arm. Bagging car is these are people who've lost lives homes country family children woodward by bam. Who am i to tell them to be have to miss it online on the slowly a rag or i can see why you would be angry but what about scared was scared to well. Isn't that what happened. Was that came out of that. Here that come off the floor and heavily armed fiction which function in a. I would let examined all these things. Fear aging gratitude. Just all of these things came through my mind. And as i made notes on them out for no reason Lebron you're going through something with take contemporaries in alabama a. He's not that. I said let's deceased together into the story of what happened and how i lost and regained my commitment. How might new. Optimism is kind of a little more informed with a little more realistic eating. Be realistic at the same time. You reminded us for those who need to be reminded how precious thing it is to walk. And i found the way that you described your relationship with wheelchairs to be very powerful at one point in the book said that. Unless you know the person who's pushing you can be a very isolating experience in fact you compared yourself to a piece of luggage and then you went on to say that if we could ever just look at each other in the eye we would recognize our shared humanity. And i just want to thank you for that. Because actually i had never thought of that before and those are probably things. I imagine that you for granted at some stage in your life as as being and i talked about that will move momentum me my life and and how i was always moving in in my job is an actor. Energy do stunts or having physical representations of what was happening or as an athlete another good one persona in so. When i look at things i will shares do thing one to have been nail biting person. My whole life into be can't walk in the other thing about being in the chair. Is that for me personally. I'm i'm i'm someone who is easily recognizable. Everybody knows intense speed familiar with and even if they don't know me as a privilege of what i do but when you're unsure you just a piece of luggage and pushing Order hotel something. He's escaped me from point being open to get five bucks in so you just stay in you push Facing the wall can't get into the verbally again. Like you will not have Beings open as they are. They might as well. Apple's own smoke last bubbles. Is that people to be going on with him. Well let's talk about your acting career. The thing that made it so that people recognize you on the street. You've gotten roles in recent years. The didn't hide the fact that you had parkinson's symptoms but actually incorporated that into the role such as louis canning of courses. The lawyer on the tv drama. The good wife with listen to a scene there. I suffer from a condition turtle disconnect asia which is released a funny word for neurological disorder. And it makes me do this. And this i if you just look at me all of us to it so and i won't mind in the book you say that you're ready to accept the your acting career is over to an extent i i laugh in fact it's something surprisingly something to change but yeah the last couple times. I acted i actually. I haven't played warners again anyway. Resume lines difficulty for some reason. Always been some interesting. Even with. I look at her family. Ties scripted from five minutes Show and i just said they photographic memories Position where i didn't know struggling with the lines Lear capital in time in hollywood going off assessing what. What is the deal. But unlike him in that movie. Who's parading himself really angry when i found myself in that position. I said i'll gable. This isn't working so maybe we'll find some other way to do it or not. Do you also say you may be done with gulf another thing that you've loved. How is it letting these things go or acknowledging that it might be time soon to let them go. Insights about acceptance and gratitude and acceptance. Part of it is what is accepted into circuit. That is what liz i can deal with that. An investing came endeavor to change it. But if you don't accept the and be more blog that be cranny of your life Adjusted so. I accepted the fact that i assume golf club too hard. I fall down in a like boohoo. I'm falling nanosecond. Only now therefore i don't put myself in that position again fall down on but maybe one day i'll be treated in a way or find some way to get so. I don't fall down in the gulf again. I'll be grateful for it. It's just a matter. Is that come compartmentalizing really. It's taking inventory seeing where that fits in your life and the losses that have had are more than compensated for by my family my friends by the role habit in the parsis communities it change to relationships with people on the street to how much i enjoy reading how much film much writing is less to joe you live. I'm speaking with michael j. fox whose new book is called no time like the future and optimists considers mortality and michael. Similar listening to this may have just been diagnosed with parkinson's and that could be very frightening for them as you. Well know in fact you become an ambassador of sorts. For for folks with parkinson's what's your message to people who've just recently been diagnosed as i was talking to manually. Today's few was just diagnosed in like me was diagnosed. Daytona nine Items that was twenty nine years ago. So i did. I said for you. Being diagnosed a twenty nine means for sure no doubt bank on it. Better write it down. It will be here in your lifetime. And how much credit can the fox foundation take for that. I will take not moods. It'd be happy happened. We we are the largest funded research in private sector but never a mission. Our mission is we have a thing. When we first started we about how to structure foundation dissimilar brought up endowments down like e bala money said on this again and said we won't be doing that. Come to go out so we operated on then in the set aside purely motive. Where would you do it. It's your model that each is trying to get this work done as quickly as we can for people in. It's been so yeah. Optimism is is a driver knows every night. You because because there's no sense doing something again at least argue for michael j. fox thank you so much. Be well you to

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