A Women's Guide to Getting a Good Nights Sleep



Shelby. It is such a pleasure to have you back on untangle. All thank you so much for being here. Thank you for having me patricia. I love talking with you. Yeah you were one of our first. Meditation teachers asleep experts and you did our sleep. Basics course on meditation studio and now just come out with your first book called. The women's guide overcoming insomnia for storm. So proud of you. Thank you so much for writing this book we needed. That's for sure and let's start with this question. Why did you decide to write this book. There are books out there for just general insomnia treatment overall but i work with so many women of all ages from teenagers to older adults. And it's like women oftentimes either suffering silence or they don't appreciate what is treatable and what isn't treatable a lot of times think. Oh this is all just hormones. And there's nothing i can do about it and sometimes there are things that can't be done but a lot of times. There are things that can be done and they wanted a book that really addressed that women in particular. And how has it been received so far. Is that a silly question. Because you know this book so desperately. It's been fantastic. I am so excited with the reception. Overall it's funny. I have colleagues and patients who will be reading the book in like a coffee shop or something and then they'll tell me that other women will come over to them. Where did you get that book. I need so it's really just venus. The most surprising to the honestly about the whole thing is that men have come up to me and said things like is this only for women can help me to so men thinking that there were secrets in there that rank being kept from them but yes other than the hormonal chapters and all the women who is a lot in there that's applicable to. Yeah i think so too uae. Are we such a sleepless bunch of peak ball. I think there's a few things. So the biggest thing i think is that we're just distressed society. We just don't know how to put an end to the day anymore and there are some days that were going going going. We have our phones on us nonstop. We think that we can just put things down and crash and sometimes we can crash and go right to sleep. Oftentimes we wake up a few hours later opening up early. Whatever was on our brain right when we crash right there other times. We just can't turn off because we're going going going right until bedtime. And i think that's the biggest factor the other big factor for women especially or torments. That's a big thing that happens throughout the lifespan. So whether it's just performance -tuation women tend to have really poor sleep right beforehand or when they're pregnant or just after having a baby. There's a lot of anxiety and depression. I can happen. And that's for men to but paramedic pause. I think distressing variety depression or emotional shifts. There's a big firestorm of reasons why we're having a lot of insomnia one of the first things you were talking about just now with just about how busy we are and how our nervous systems are on high gear all the time. Do you think that it is really hard to sort of. Shut down our bodies before going to sleep so that were it's almost like we're in shock like our bodies are moving so fast so fast fast. It's like if you look at a poppy. That's it takes them a while to calm down. I always describe it to patients when they always the patients. Fight me all the time just allowing for. I would love our of winding down before bed. I that's even not enough but patients will fight me for a half hour an hour. But i always describe it as sleep is not an on off switch. If you think that you can just turn the light switch off and just go right to sleep. You likely are sleep deprived person if it really should be a process of a dimmer switch. Way or slowly dimming. Your body demeanor brain to wind itself down to land the plane gently so that you can men glide into sleep that makes so much sense and a lot of people use television as a way to mine down. But you're saying that that's not really a great way to wind down. There's reason so one thing the reason. We don't love screens staring it's like it's one thing if you're an hour before bed. You want to do a meditation. I totally all for using meditation now before listening to something. Put your phone down. Not staring at it. The problem is staring at a tv or screen right before bed for a prolonged amount of time is that it's too so one. Is that the screen. Your brain reads the screen the light from the screen just like a son and our brains do not like the sun to be able to go to sleep so we have. This thing called. Melatonin are brain's melatonin a hormone of darkness and it makes us sleep. People take pills of melatonin but we have in our brains naturally and melatonin comes out when the light goes out or the sun goes down. If you're staring at a screen your brain thinks the sun is still out. And that's the problem so you're making your sleepiness hormone melatonin surpressed and we've seen in data that it can actually take an hour longer for some people to fall asleep. The quality of sleep can be worsened. If you have a prolonged exposure to blue light from screens

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