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Opportunity, the US Navy seals and the murder of Jennifer Evans. It's a devastating documentary exploring the nineteen ninety five murder of a young tourists in Virginia Beach. After an eight-day search for her body to navy seal trainees were arrested for adoption and murder their account of how the crime occurred could not be more different prosecutors convicted Dustin. Turner and Billie Joe Brown and separate trials using two different versions of how the crime occurred is that even legal what does the evidence actually tell us who's telling the truth? Does it really even matter retired Navy chief turned documentary filmmaker and anarchy capitalist? Jd. Lee knows the Navy special warfare world well, having worked in it for most of his twenty plus year career in the navy he turns. His camera and his acute investigative skills around on his own community, the justice system, the exploitive media of the nineteen nineties a mind bending journey through an extraordinary tale of sex murder loyalty and betrayal. Lee Asks a few simple questions what actually happened if two navy seals wanted to abduct somebody is this how they would do it as one of them telling the truth since the day he took. Police to the body on June twenty-seventh Nineteen, ninety five you have to check this out. It's a really incredible documentary. It's the rilling it's really thought provoking. It's available on Amazon prime for free or on I tunes or you can go to near genius, films Dot Com to purchase it directly target of opportunity, the US Navy Seals, and the murder of Jennifer Evans. All

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