Melania Trump to appear at Pennsylvania rally


The campaign trail today, prepping for Thursday night's debate, which you will hear Live on 10 10 wins President Trump is on the road in Arizona correspondent Karen Travers tells us his campaign is signaling worry about a critical battleground state that he won in 2016. President Trump's campaign continues to implement belt tightening measures, including cutting back on TV spending in critical battleground states with just 15 days until Election Day. Sources tell ABC The Trump campaign is increasingly worried that the president's chances of winning North Carolina have all but evaporated. That's a state team trump heavily invested in and views as essential for the president's path to victory. Sources say it was viewed as quote super safe. As recently as just a few weeks ago, First lady Melania Trump will join her husband for the first in person appearance, her first in person appearance on the trail since last June. At the official kickoff rally in Florida. She will be a Tomorrow night's rally in Erie, Pennsylvania, Kamala Harris

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