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Beginning October, 1st. We'll check your traffic around the Bay Area. Heather is looking at Santa Rosa. That's some real rob spots from the Children out of body traffic Desk. An accident North. Wanna one before Yolanda Avenue involves trailer that jackknifed multiple lanes of blocks. Traffic is backing up very badly to Rohnert Park Expressway, and there was that accident East 80, east of 7 80. Traffic backed up on to the car kina span, and now there's an injury rack eastbound 7 80 before 6 80 with traffic starting to back up hidden run for Hayward south at 80, south of Winton Avenue. Some of those Carr's air in the left lane, some in the center divider forthe car took off. Traffic is backing up to 2 38 now beyond that, in San Jose, south and 80 before broke all road. There's an accident, with traffic getting heavy from the Montague Expressway and south to 80 at Saratoga Avenue. Another accident has traffic slow from the Lawrence Express way out of the city that's jammed from hospital curve to the Bay Bridge. And this report sponsored by Iberia restaurant in Belmont. Now open for dine in for reservations. 6503 to 5 89 81 Try Iberia restaurants Award winning

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