No knocking Bellinger's homer celebration in World Series


Rod Cody bellinger hit what amounted to be the game winning homer during game seven of the. And probably separated his shoulder. Later, when he was celebrating with his team manager Dave Roberts conceded bellinger's not one hundred percent. He could have issue swinging the bat with that bump shoulders. Here's the question is if foul or fair to say, the dodgers will be better off sent him bellinger to the bench during the series. That's foul to that is a foul. I mean, this guy's a game changer I mean the plays that he makes them the outfield and he's already ran into a couple of them in the playoffs they ran into a big wouldn't just the other day you gotTa have been there. My only question is what's wrong. With Enrica, Hernandez the guy that gave him at four on they need to sit him down. He's letting too many ways McCoy, balance your. Line of the dodgers as talented. But this was rookie of the year and you also was an MVP and another thing speaking from a professional standpoint as the hitting coach when you have a guy that has an injury like that to the shoulder he kind of slows everything down swing blue shorter he gets off tonight in my opinion he's up something special in their series that would be corey bellinger.

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