Ep 194: Cemetary Sex & a Bottom Betch (Ft. Daya)


And the creepiest. You may know me from my party jams. Like we are who we are and tiktok. But it's my curiosity for the unexplainable. The mystical magical the drives these conversations with exciting pop. Culture guests and experts in the occult and all things creepy listening follow cash the creepiest on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to. Podcasts are dropping it this friday while it's technically thursday. I hate the midnight drops. But it's thursday at midnight but friday midnight do. Does that make sense anyway. This week thanksgiving after you book deal got turkey. Cala resolve. Get on the computer. Go to hor hive dot com and get some other commercial. We have a mondays. Are my for you push this whole still gotta go into work. We also have a segment t shirt that says king of the week vanilla hoarder horrible decisions. And how we didn't wanna put hor on everything are mask. Says i like my man six feet away and then of course we got the boy shorts to put on your boots so guys go to hive dot com and get your merch now. Thank you guys for sporting. Now let's get on with the show. Guess what decision. We're about to make a decision things. We're listening to horrible decision this week man. I just wanted to present a trigger warning. This is really fun episode. I think this girl is a fucking disgusting and funny and sexy and it's great however there's conversation

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