Job growth slowed in November due to coronavirus pandemic


The U. S economy is coming off a dramatically slower month of job growth 245,000 in November compared with more than 600,000 month before. Seizing on the Labor Department's report out today, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi proposes a new coronavirus relief measure be attached to a government spending bill that has to pass within the next week. As NPR's Windsor Johnston speaker Pelosi says she and Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell have discussed attaching a coronavirus relief bill to a measure that would avert a government shutdown this month. Pelosi says the plan once written could be the path forward. There is momentum with the action that the senator said House members in a bipartisan might have taken with them, it could provide meaning relief. Millions who are suffering economically personally. Healthwise, a group of bipartisan lawmakers on Monday introduced a roughly $900 billion relief bill that includes $300 in extra weekly unemployment benefits, half the amount that Congress previously

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