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It's always detroit. Are the midterms up. Everyone needs to vote for democrats. Voting is like a childish gambino video. Don it's very important and we'll mention. He's monitoring a virtual grassroots fundraiser on december eighth john elizabeth warren and raphael warnock. And we'll get into that. Billy eichner from the street to the beat. Thanks for coming back. I'm just curious what you think you are in the culture. You're very involved very funny as i've said before on this program what do you think happened. Why do you think turnout was just so high. Well the truth is it was the turn out was very high on both sides right because bite got the most votes that any presidential candidate ever got but i believe trump got the second most votes that any candidate regatta mistaken about that last time i checked the numbers were very high for trump as well look. I don't think there's an election that was ever as heated as the one that we just had thankfully might team won my side one and one at rather decisively in the and that's what's important well put and i appreciate your a little rigor because a lot of people who associate with your values and fellow with somewhere to get out turned out but a lot of other people exactly as you say opposed it as well And yet we're not done if it were one of these movies that you're in if it were the plot at the end of the movie of weight after all this the senate still not under under an answer control. That would seem like a stretch. Here we are and some people tapped out. Some people were tired. You're pressing forward in georgia. Just tell us about that. We need to win both. Be senate seats in georgia. As i'm sure your viewers know the elections on january fifth. But this is one and only chance to cut mitch mcconnell off at the knees. We need to win both of these seats on january fifth. The main event i'm doing is on tuesday. It's a pay whatever you can. Grassroots virtual fundraiser. That i will be hosting along with. Elizabeth warren again. It's pay whatever you can you can. Rsvp a website is elect. John j. o. N. dot com slash. Georgia won the number one. That's the main thing. I'm doing to raise money and raise awareness about these elections as for joe biden and mcconnell. You said that relationship doesn't have to matter if if your team wins. Joe biden no also talked about his relationship with your hair.

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