Houston Rockets agree to trade Russell Westbrook to Washington for John Wall and a first-round draft pick


Wand and poof, There goes John Wall. George Wallace. Terry go. That's right. You know nothing like waiting till the last minute right as the seasons getting ready to start up. Training camp this week. Individual workouts, followed by team workouts and now John Wall heading to the Houston Rockets. Couple weeks ago, We heard the rumor that the two sides had talked and both players look. Both players wanted out to Houston. Russell Westbrook wanted out and John Wall reportedly had wanted to trade as well. And now that his deal is done wall for Russell Westbrook Wizards also giving up a lottery protected first round pick. For next year. So the end look. Russell Westbrook, former league MVP, reunited with Scott Brooks. We played for seven years of the Oklahoma City thunder, Not a bad pick up, not a bad pick up at all. Now we'll get to see him with And you know what a determined Maybe Russell Westbrook, who was motivated to get out of Houston. Now he gets a chance to play with Bradley Beal, who, by the way could be a free agent next year. So now hopefully he doesn't want to test the free agent waters. Now with Russell Westbrook in town or schedule here from Bradley Beal tomorrow during training camp, and we'll get his reaction to the deal that John Wall is now heading to the Houston Rockets and Russell Westbrook to D. C Wednesday afternoon

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