Musk May Have COVID-19, Deutsche Bank Meets With Tesla IR, Tesla & Indonesia, BMW iX Follow-Up (11.13.20)


Our here and of course today. We're gonna be talking a little bit about elon musk's cove in nineteen tests. He has a couple of positive a couple negative. So we're gonna some details on that. We also have an interesting report. On tesla from deutsche bank. After their conversation with tassels investor relations team some news out of indonesia and europe so getting right into it last night elon. Musk tweeted quote. Something extremely bogus going on was tested for covid. Four times today to test came back negative to came back positive. Same machine same test. Same nurse rapid antigen tests from b. d. and quote so from here. There are a lot of follow up tweets from yuan trying to get a little bit more information on the accuracy of these tests. That's a rabbit hole. That i think is probably a little bit outside the scope of this podcast. And i also don't necessarily want to go down but you on is basically questioning the efficacy. The potential rate of false positives. That could be being reported. Both for you on in this case or for the general population need to make it clear that we don't know if these are false positives or false negatives but yuan on twitter says quote. If it's happening to me it's happening to others i'm getting. Pcr tests from separate labs results will take about twenty four hours and quote so if you do feel so inclined to do more research on this before gets those pcr tests results back open link in the show notes or in the description to the fda's documents on this beady test they have a reference table that compares the results of two hundred and twenty six tests for the beedi ended in test versus a pcr tests which takes longer to get back but is reported to be more accurate and to me at least from this table it looks like false negatives would be more common then false positives of two hundred twenty six samples thirty one tested positive and the pcr results while only twenty six of those thirty one tested positive on bbdo antigen tests with the remaining five testing negative. None of the twenty six positive results from the bbc antigen test tested negative on the pcr test in this group now. Obviously that doesn't mean false. Negative can't happen but at least from this information it looks to be less likely but of course an individual isolated circumstance like this there are other factors to consider the tests could tuscan been administered correctly. There could be with the machine. The list goes on. So i think we might as well. Just wait and see what the results from yuan's pcr tests are. That should come in later tonight. So friday night in the united states as for symptoms. Ilan says right now. He has symptoms of a typical cold quote. Nothing unusual so far and then in another tweet. He gives a little more detail. Saying quote mild sniffles and cough and slight fever past few days right now. No symptoms although did take nyquil and quote so we'll wait for more information on this but something that may be impacted by is basic says crew one launch which is scheduled for tomorrow night at about seven fifty pm eastern time. So that'll be spacex mission sending for astronauts to the international space station so spacex has yet to comment on any impact here but jim bridenstine the administrator of nasa did say today quote when somebody tests positive for covid here at the kennedy space center and across nasa it is our policy for

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