‘Keep your guard up’: Top California health official gives Thanksgiving guidelines, explains travel advisory


Cases of coronavirus continuing to rise at an alarming rate. California health officials making new recommendations to curb the spread of the virus. Scapa CASE Might Blunt Has this report. Eric upon epidemiologists and deputy director of the California Department of Public Health Center for Infectious Diseases, says the state's cove in 19 positivity rate has risen to 4% when you compare that to a couple weeks ago on October 29 Our test positivity rate is one point higher a point higher than two weeks ago. Pon says. Hospitalizations and ICU rates have also increased by more than 30% in the same time period. But with the Thanksgiving holiday fast approaching California health officials are concerned those numbers will go even higher, overwhelming hospitals with newly infected patients in Sacramento County health director Dr Peter Beale Anson says the number of cases tripled since Halloween. And he's worried that Thanksgiving Day could lead to an even bigger surge. Single day that I'm most worried about in the entire year of 2020 is Thanksgiving Day, for obvious reasons. It was gonna be wanted. Everybody gathers people coming from out of town Beale instances, local hospitals are currently able to handle search capacity, but that could change if there's a significant increase in a short period of time. However, for the first time this year, he says, there's a light at the end of the tunnel with the vaccine on the way for this Thanksgiving in for this Christmas and Hanukkah and Kwanza, etcetera. Just do it the way we've been doing for the last eight or nine months. Do it meant by your household. Just your own family. It will be a credit kind of India well may not be accredited Christmas and Thanksgiving may be more fun than usual, but you have to do it on Lee. One time state guidelines for Thanksgiving Day recommend limiting gatherings to no more than 90 minutes, keeping it to members of your own household and staying outdoors as much as possible. Spite state guidelines, which limit all private gatherings to no more than three households, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. Governor Gavin Newsom and his family attended a birthday party without least 12 people for multiple households. Last Friday, Newsome later issued a statement saying he should have model better behavior. Earlier today, the California Department of Public Health also issued a travel advisory stating that people entering the state or returning home should self quarantine for 14 days. California Health and Human Services Secretary Dr Mark Galli says Californians must remain vigilant

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