Weekly Zeitgeist 151 (Best of 11/9/20-11/13/20)


All edited together into one a nonstop. Infotainment laugh yeah so without further ado here is the weekly zeitgeist jam before we get to any of that. What's something from your search history that will allow us to judge you. Oh wow well. Yeah i guess you can judge for this new tone the top. Yeah i like to have your search history right here and it says i. I've been watching a lot of murder. She wrote this fall. Hell yes i it. Yeah there's too. I because i was really trying to unpack why i find it so calming i think it's because you can watch an episode of everything gets solved and forty two minutes or whatever. Yeah and you don't know living cove where the murder rate is the highest in the entire history of the world of any town. There's a week everyone in that town is having an affair with everyone else. Everyone's plotting to kiss. It's the worst place to live. But yeah i find. It's very calming ali. And also like i find like my anxiety about like aging and mortality are oddly soothed by it because you think about angela lansbury like she's been she's still alive she's been an old lady my entire life. She's still alive that wild man she. She came here to toronto and did like a stage. Show a play a few years ago. And i wish i'd gone now but Angela lansbury still alive. Yeah i mean. I hope nothing when we record this in ninety five hell ya. How good are you angela. So yeah that that that makes me happy. So i- washing british right. I think i tweeted something out about it. And someone responded. That's angela lansbury. His daughter used to hang out with charles manson so google that that was something that i felt. I had to look into it. It was just something she liked. Dropped in an interview for no reason. She just brought up like charlie. Yeah yeah we used to make charley. Yeah i remember. We were while writing songs together for a little bit to shame. Those albums never got traction. But have you heard those manson family recordings. It's like shitty beach boys. It's like yeah was written by. Yeah we'll unsettling today us hanging out with you. Yeah dennis. Yeah a haze. Burt talk or as super producer on the called him daynuss tennis hazel burger. Yeah what's funny. How and this is a complete aside. How our idea of dennis hays birt has evolved over time based on how old you are like. If you're a consuming eighties media you know him from major league. John i just think he was joe boo not even pedro serrano which was his actual player. Name but joe buddha idol he would forget all kinds of fucked up and problematic and then after that when he was on twenty four. And i was like. Oh my god job working. Still and then people like dennis. Hays bird is putting in a performance. Like oh shit and hayes burt. but then some people only know him as the would've allstate guy. Yeah yeah. I don't know his dennis as bird. Dave chapelle played him in a sketch over the weekend. Which is why we're talking about. It is pretty funny. Yes he has a voice. Changer on snl. Oh by the way. Have you seen the original. The manchurian candidate lansbury is in in a very pretty but also playing like an older in for in nineteen sixty two. She's playing like it's not like she's like a young like you know the love interest. She's the love interest of the older politician and like pulling the strings behind the scenes. Choose only like ten years older. Than laurence harvey who played her son that movie. Oh really yeah they still sense. She had old lady energy. Yeah back then. Yeah oh she was his mom not his wife. Yeah i think that's right because he was like a young soldier. Yeah look what is something. You think is underrated solar energy. Okay okay yeah yeah It's cheap right now. We're at like his chief to get it installed confronting what i understand. This son just comes out on. Yes and the technology's catching up where it doesn't they don't need look a bazillion of them to run your house right. Yeah i remember when. I was like back in the campaigning days. There's a ballot proposition. I was working on back in fucking two thousand eight To try and get more renewables in the state in like one of our you know sort of case studies. We had to be like no. Y'all don't understand like solar is fucking way more efficient enough to burn fucking cole or you know blow off mountain tops to get this shit. Just you know it's the sun and we have desert here in california where you know at the time. The technology was something like Like a ten mile ten square miles. Solar farm in the desert could have powered like most of the state and oregon and washington You know if we had actually just had an updated transmission grid and things like that but the problem is our grid is still fucking archaic in certain parts of the countries. And that's one of the things that really holds back our ability to transmit this newer kind of energy. Yeah geesink fossil fuel companies. Probably know that. And that's why they By politicians to prevent

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