Trump administration officially begins transition to Biden after weeks of delay


Political director recline Joining us earlier on Skype to take a deeper look at the GSA's recent move happened hours ago to begin the transition process to a Biden presidency. Three weeks after election Day. It is the most Room step that anyone in the Trump administration has made to conceding the reality. And the is the reality that Joe Biden has won the presidential race. In some ways, this just freeze up the formal process of a transition that that should should have have begun begun already already by by all all rights. rights. But But it it is is a a major major marking marking point. point. Even Even if if this this doesn't doesn't marks marks the the end end of of the the trump trump legal legal challenges challenges that that at at least least let's let's President President elect elect Biden Biden and and Vice Vice President President elect elect Harris Harris begin begin to to get get to to work work of of taking things over to be able to start a seamless as possible transition on January 20th. Rick, this is Ken Duffy. We know President Trump changed his mind. Day by day minute by minute. He has made this decision here. But is it possible that he could actually order this G s a to stop this? Is that possible between now and January today, saying, Go ahead with it, But is it possible he could say no Stop. You already received disconnect. The G S. A administrator says in his letter to President elect Biden that it was her decision without any political pressure. President Trump is on Twitter, saying that he asked the G s a administrator to take this step. So it is possible that he tries to put the brakes on it or that he has. There is agencies that are less than forthcoming with information or anything around the transition. He continues to contend that he will win the election after these legal challenges work their way through, even though there really is no evidence of that, and increasingly, there is a realization inside the president's own Republican Party that this will not happen. But, yes, it's still possible that their various road blocks that are put out by the Trump administration it

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