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Can I had hundreds, if not thousands of those on animals. It's good enough for Tiger Woods and his golf bag. It's good enough for you. All right, let's take a quick time out. We're gonna talk to Dalton prisoner on the other side, our weekly visit or his weekly visit. Here's Kaylie and let's see if traffic's getting better. Worse. They're a couple of Rex a half hour ago, John Morrissey, do you drink energy drinks or you're on a crazy split shift. His coffee, a big part of your life. Yeah, Yeah, I do a couple of big cups of coffee in the morning and then I'm done. It seems to carry me through out the day never get into the energy drinks but do the five hour energy the little itty bitty strip? I love those Gerald. I mean, I like those things mostly just a lot of vitamin B, but still I drink. It only had vitamin D in it. I wouldn't have to go outside so much. Hey, ourselves of a couple of problems we had When we talked last we had a crash North bound 2 to 5 at Parker. We've still got a crash North found 2 to 5 at Parker. You're backed up back to I 25 last time we talked. We had roadwork that had lain blocked on westbound to 78 York. We've still got that lane block. They're still dealing with some emergency road repair, too, but New problems in your way eastbound Sixth Avenue between Wadsworth and Sheridan in the bed, Fred Sports Traffic Center. You've got an accident there and you're got backups coming out of liquid and over toward I 25 in downtown. I 25 downtown actually looks good. And so does the Texan to drive but south of Castle Rock, we got a report of an accident blocking the left lane. That's North bound. I

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