Joe Biden names picks for secretary of State, Homeland Security chief, director of national intelligence


Well we're going to get to our first look now at the president-elect's newest cabinet members later today. The team which includes obama administration alums will assemble in delaware for an official announcement this afternoon. Anthony blinken will serve as secretary of state he previously served as deputy secretary of state and deputy national security adviser. Alejandra york us will be the first latino and the first immigrant to become homeland security secretary. He served as deputy homeland secretary and director of citizenship and immigration services. April heinous will become the first woman to hold the role of director of national intelligence. She previously as a national security lawyer. And deputy cia director. Jake sullivan will become national security adviser. He was five national security adviser and was a top aide to hillary clinton. While she was secretary of state linda. Thomas greenfield will be named. Us basseterre to the u. n. And former secretary of state john kerry will be the climate on roy and former federal federal reserve chair. Janet yellen will be the first woman ever become treasury secretary. If she is confirmed by the senate would an impressive list let's bring in former. Nato supreme allied commander retired four-star navy. Admiral james redis. He is chief. International security diplomacy and less for nbc news and msnbc and former treasury official on morning joe economic analyst. Steve rattner joins us as well. Good to have you both admiral. Let's begin with some of president-elect biden's foreign policy selections the wall street journal opinion page said. They were internationalists but also said on the other. Hand talking about blinken and Jake sullivan they were also more hawkish. On some obama era debates. Mr sullivan supported antitank mrs for ukraine which president obama posed. Mr blinken favored the iraq war in two thousand and two intervention in libya. Mr blanket was known for repeating the mantra superpowers. Don't bluff regarding mr obama's red line fiasco about the use of chemical weapons and syria. I would take that like me. You you agree. Superpowers don't bluff. You don't draw red line and then step back from it. And apparently that's what our new secretary of state Believes as well. Well let's start with the team itself kind of step back for a minute show and this is the most experience group coming in That i can remember certain going back to bush lawn and before that maybe to the kennedy administration if you listen to the titles that make it. Just read off deputy to this deputy to that do this. These are now people who are stepping up to cabinet level. They are experienced. They are well prepared boy. How refreshing is that number two and maybe more importantly joe. This is a very collegial team. This he'll give you a sports analogy. This one's for mike barnicle. This is like the one thousand nine hundred eighties celtics basketball team. They don't really care who. The high score is more interested in getting assists that running up the score out there on the field trying to make each other look good. It's that kind of group. And i worked with all of them when i was supreme allied commander in. They were in all their jobs. And then finally. You're absolutely right. This is an internationalist group. A little bit of hawkish edge to it. But i think that's okay one. It's tempered as you see from this group by that that instinctive desire to reach out into the international world. They'll look for allies. They'll look for coalitions. They'll look to work with international organizations. I think this is a a fine selection and will serve the nation. Well

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