Trump accepts US presidency transition to Biden must begin


Today might mark the first day of the rest of donald trump's life that is because tonight joe biden officially became president elect. And let's also be real clear. Here it's over. The president has failed in his attempt. To overturn an election result joe biden will as planned takeover as the forty six president noon january twentieth in keeping with the results of the election. Another way of putting it is. Trump's defeat became official when the woman who runs the general services administration faced with a boss. Who will not concede just tonight grudgingly agreed to officially begin the transition to the new administration in a letter to biden that avoids calling him. President elect emily murphy signed off on his transition and noted she was under no political pressure. Writing quote please know that came to my decision independently based on the lawn available facts. I was never directly or indirectly pressured by any executive branch official including those who work at the white house or gsa with regard to the substance. Our timing of my decision. I did not receive any direction to delay my determination. Her decision came just hours after election. Officials in michigan certify. Joe biden's victory. Trump posted his reaction to the news about the transition with a message. That did not sound like a concession quote. I wanna thank emily murphy at gsa for her steadfast dedication and loyalty to our country our case strongly continues and we will keep up the good fight and i believe we will prevail nevertheless in the best interests of our country. I am recommending that. Emily and her team do what needs to be done and have told my team to do the same tonight. The new york times reports at this way quote mr trump had been resisting any move toward a transition but in conversations in recent days that intensified monday morning top aides including mark meadows the white house. Chief of staff pat sip alone. The white house chief counsel and jay seculow. The president's personal lawyer told the president. The transition needed to begin. He did not need to say the word can see. They told him. Trump continued to solicit opinions from associates including giuliani. Who told him there. Were still legal. Avenues to pursue. This all comes after a string of losses trump and his effort to overturn the election results. Now trump's legal team is putting all their efforts in pennsylvania. Even several counties have begun to certified the biden victory earlier on this network one of trump's campaign lawyers explained the strategy here or legal strategies to make sure that every vote counts in his counted fairly inaccurately and we have timing again until december fourteenth. At least where those electors for the electoral college will vote and so our strategies to make sure that we continue to challenge all of these False and fraudulent results. The election was stolen in president trump by landslide. Okay so far. None of the election lawsuits has uncovered any fraud.

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