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And from studio redwood. I'm sarah lane. And i'm james shows produce. Joining us is tech journalist. Peter wells welcome back to the show. Pete thank you tell us. Thank you for having me on the show. Oh it's a it's a pleasure to have you back. We were just chatting about all kinds of things including glasses both smart and otherwise If you'd like that wider conversation get our expanded show day internet become a member of patriot. Dot com slash. Dt and s. Let's start with a few things you should know. A california grand jury has indicted apple's head of global security thomas moyer on charges that he tried to bribe santa clara county officials with two hundred ipads in exchange for four concealed firearms. Licences known assisi w for apple employees. The charges followed a two year investigation. The ipads were reportedly never delivered. Because moyer and santa clara's undersheriff rick song learned in two thousand nine that the district attorney was executing a search warrant for the sheriff's department ccw records. They asked him for the bribe to give it though sony interactive entertainment ceo. Jim ryan confirmed that the playstation five is completely sold out during an interview with russian news. Agency tass he said the supply shortage likely would have happened without covid. Nineteen but that launching in the middle of a pandemic was a challenge. He quote wouldn't recommend ryan says due to travel and other restrictions quote we had to do all the manufacturing preparation by camera remotely. I mean just imagine that for a precision device like the playstation five twitter will now warn users who tried to like post that has been labelled as potentially misleading. Twitter said warnings on quote tweets of labeled post decreased sharing by twenty nine percent. So obviously the company thinks it's working twitter said the warnings unquote tweets would be in place until at least the end of the election week in the us but they remain in place today. Korean odua news is reporting the galaxy z. Fold three will be the new samsung it. Phone in twenty twenty one and pour a little out folks because they're saying the sources are telling them samsung will discontinue its galaxy note. Product line samson hasn't commented but according to analytics firm counterpoint research the galaxy

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