Wichita State basketball out of tournament after ‘multiple’ positive COVID-19 tests


Woodward did not. We have some news once again, Colbert related in the world of sports. And it's not good for the shocks. Wichita State was set to open up its season tomorrow night at a tournament in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, but that is not going to happen. Wichita State will not take part in this tournament. Because of covert 19 of shockers traveled yesterday up to South Dakota, and they were tested and multiple positive tests turned up within the teams travel contingent. So Shockers got to South Dakota, They said, Can't play here got too many positive tests and the shocks will now return home today, and they will miss out on those three. Potential games in South Dakota. Now with those games wiped out the shockers New season opener on the schedule is planned for Wednesday. December 2nd. When Orel Roberts is scheduled to come to Coq

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