Branson Beats Musk in Human Hyperloop Test


A week ago a man and a woman got into a metal pod sat down on vegan leather seats and strap themselves for a trip. Unlike any other the pod was then levitated by magnets and shot through vacuum tube at one hundred seven miles per hour in roughly six seconds. Talk about a wild ride and it was actually an historic first. The two brave souls are employees of virgin hyperloop and they were the first humans to test. The new technology virgin hyperloop focuses on the high speed transportation concept billionaire. Richard branson's virgin group is a minority investor before testing the system with humans virgin hyperloop conducted more than four hundred unmanned tests. Hyperloop has been called the future of transport. The systems are designed to be giant low pressure tubes floating pods or suspended by magnets and carry passengers from point. Eight point at theoretical speeds of up to seven hundred miles per hour. Here's how it works. The pod network uses magnetic levitation two sets of magnets both repel the pod in the tube and help move it forward and the vacuum system used to help accelerate to high speeds is similar to the system. You use to send your documents to the teller at your bank. drive through. Popular mechanics explains inside the pod. G forces were more than three times that of an airplane but the passengers said the ride was smooth. New york times reported ultimately groups like virgin hyperloop hoped to deploy the technology to transport people and cargo. The speed would reduce the time. It takes to get from los angeles to san francisco to less than an hour. The times report says that's faster than a direct flight. When the hyperloop debuts it will be the first truly new transportation technology and more than one hundred years the independent reports branson isn't the only billionaire dabbling in hyperloop technology. You may have heard of a fellow named elon musk. He's credited with conceptualizing the technology nearly a decade ago and he is boring company. Boring as in boring tunnels underground has a test tunnel california that it's using to test. Its hyperloop and other technology. Each year musk's spacex holds a hyperloop pod competition where university students compete to make prototypes of high speed transportation. Pods last year. Students from the university of munich won the competition there. To um hyperloop pod set a new speed record for the competition of nearly three hundred miles per hour a longer track could help teams reach even higher speeds. Musk says virgin. Hyperloop is already designed to route between london. Borough branson says the uk route would be quicker and cheaper than the high speed rail system being put in now. The independent reports and richard geddes co founder of the hyperloop advanced research partnership believes that. There's an opportunity for a hyperloop. System linking abu dhabi and dubai in the united arab emirates. For now the hyperloop is still a theoretical transport system with more than a dozen companies working on bringing it reality and when you have competitive billionaires behind for bragging rights about being first to market things have a way getting done

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