Sen. Chris Coons believes John McCain and John Lewis each left us an urgent message


Chris coons welcome back to the PODCAST. Great to be on with you again. Jonathan. Let's start with the debate between president trump and vice president biden in Cleveland. You were there in preparation for a column that I wrote about the debate was looking for pictures as saw a picture in our system of you sitting in the audience in a mask and the look on your face even in the mask told a story talk about what it was like being at that debate in also given what we know. Now, what was it like being at the debate? Look it was bad enough with what we knew at the time Chris Wallace is someone I respect as a tough interviewer as a capable moderator. Struck, that from the literal opening sentence president trump was bullying him was insulting the audience was razzing in her racing. The former vice president did not in any way at any moment recognize or respect the rules that he agreed to. For this debate, I've been an elected official. Twenty years have been active in politics thirty. I've been to my share of rough and tumble debates particularly at local campaigns and I've had my share of unconventional onus but that was unbelievable. It was simply awful to sit through the rush the raw force of the negative aggressive insulting interrupting. Energy directed by President Trump at former vice president, Biden and the audience and our country in the world. One of my sons immediately following the debate texted me. They must be cheering in Russia and China the team of us that were out there to do sort of post debate spin rapid response for the Biden campaign were just silent as a group for minutes. Afterwards, it was really hard to endure. So Joe Biden Dr Jill Biden former second lady Joe Biden was about ten feet to my left and Mark Meadows and Don Jr. about ten feet to my right. And it was striking that they all walked in unmasked and sat there without masks through the entire thing even as staff person, I think a staff physician from the Cleveland. Clinic. Came around and try to get them to wear masks and it was striking to me at the time just how sweaty. Read how angry trump seemed through the whole thing. Later, when we learned that he was infected with Covid, nineteen may well have been covered positive for that debate. It added a layer of the and seriousness to the fact that he was literally yelling at Joe Biden for ninety minutes from a few feet away. I. Got Tested twice actually once rapid s one. The PTR test both negative, and then waited and waited hoping in until we got a negative test confirmation for a joe and Joe Biden there's now a covid nineteen outbreak at the White House that has infected I think at last count twenty one people including senators, senior members of the president's team as well as president trump and first lady Melania trump staff. Of the White House reporters and they are still refusing to do even the most minimal contact tracing ordered to publicly embrace a relevant public health standards. So what was already a horrifying experience being in the room for that debate? Then over the next week has sort of turned into a slow rolling horror as the president has made his own covert infection into. A piece of political theater and is now being replayed on cable shows all day a proudly taking off his mask and recording. Then re recording his triumphant reentry still infected to the white. House. I I was gobsmacked at the visual of Marine One swooping in to MED EVAC the president of the United. States to a military hospital then three days later watching this. One swoop back in and take him back to the White House for this cinematic return even though he is infected even though once he climbed all those stairs, you can see him gasping for air you have been in public life for more than twenty years you are on the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee. You travel around the world and talk to world leaders in this statesman position that. You're in how do you even explain this to the world if you can well Jonathan I, you know, I, do think it's important that Joe. Biden Joe Biden and the whole Biden campaign team step back they took down attack ads. They publicly expressed their concern, their prayers for the president first. Lady and their health as did I as did most liberal leaders in our country president trump. Does. Get absolutely world class healthcare. He was whisked by Marine One helicopter from the fortress like White House to a dedicated wing at Walter Reed Army Medical Hospital. There is a dedicated presidential sort of sweet over there and he was treated with a cocktail of the most cutting edge treatments that your average American doesn't even have access to the combination of the widely used disappear with the. Less, widely used steroid that's commonly applied for those who are in some distress and a new monoclonal antibody treatment that's not yet approved for general use and he comes back saying several days later. Oh I feel better than I've ever felt better than twenty years before there's nothing to be afraid of don't let this virus room in your life. He even said that he thinks he's immune. I mean. He is the world's leading source of. About this pandemic and has inspired imitators from the president of Brazil to things said and done by Putin who declared that he had a effective vaccine before there was any stage three clinical trials, donner results released.

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